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The AncestryDNA kit is at its LOWEST price all year for Black Friday

Black Friday is a perfect time to find out more about yourself and your family with AncestryDNA, now just £49

For Black Friday, AncestryDNA presents an exclusive offer on its standard DNA test, now available for just £49, down from the regular price of £79. This is the lowest price it has been all year, making it an opportune moment for those interested in exploring their genetic heritage. What’s more, we awarded it four stars out of a possible five in our original review.

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AncestryDNA, known for its extensive customer base, is regarded as the best option for tracking long-lost relatives. The test provides interesting insights into your heritage, and its user-friendly family tree-building features are commended. With the largest membership in the sector, AncestryDNA offers the best chance of finding and connecting with distant family members​​.

The DNA test process is straightforward and efficient. After providing a saliva sample and sending it back to Ancestry’s labs, results are typically available within six to eight weeks. These results include an ethnicity estimate and information on how closely related you are to the estimated 14 million Ancestry members who have taken the test. This can be an exciting and revealing experience, especially for those delving into their family history for the first time​​.

A unique aspect of AncestryDNA is its integration with genealogy. The service allows users to build a family tree and collaborate with other members. While some advanced features require a subscription, the basic family tree construction is available to all users. This integration of DNA testing with family history research sets AncestryDNA apart and enhances the overall experience​​.

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Despite its focus solely on autosomal DNA testing and not including medical screening like some rivals, AncestryDNA’s strengths lie in its genealogy tools and vast DNA database. It is particularly suited for those focused on family trees or tracking down lost relatives. For genealogy enthusiasts, the Black Friday deal on AncestryDNA offers an excellent opportunity to access a comprehensive service at a significantly reduced price​​​​.