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This Huawei Mate 20 Pro deal from Vodafone is obscenely good value

Get 80GB of data and a free Huawei Mate 20 Pro handset on this epic Vodafone contract deal

Black Friday is the gift that just keeps giving, and today it’s serving up a stupendously cheap deal on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro with shed-loads of data. Vodafone, in conjunction with The Smartphone Company, has cooked up a contract that seems too good to be true.

Somehow, though, it is real: with an upfront cost of absolutely nothing, you can nab a Mate 20 Pro handset with 80GB of monthly data. The monthly payments on this two-year contract are just £27, which makes adds up to a lifetime cost of just £648.

Buy now from The Smartphone Company

Given that the same website would sell you a SIM-free Mate 20 Pro handset for £899, this deal effectively saves you £251 on the handset alone (not to mention all that data, which will certainly come in handy).

That £899 price tag for the handset on its own is the same you’d pay at Amazon and Currys, so there really is no price-hiking trickery going on here. The Smartphone Company is simply offering a bargain contract with plentiful data (plus unlimited texts and minutes). So, if you’re tempted, we’d recommend getting involved before stocks run dry.

The only bit of jiggery-pokery going on here is that part of your savings come as cashback: the non-deal price on this contract is £37 per month, but The Smartphone Company chucks in £240 of cashback to bring your monthly payments down to £27. There’s a bit of a hoop to jump through, then, but the substantial savings are definitely worth the effort.

If you’re wondering how good a phone the Mate 20 Pro really is, allow us to allay any fears: we gave it a perfect score of five stars in our review, praising the Mate 20 Pro’s fantastic camera quality, fast performance and impressive battery life. The original RRP price tag was one of our few concerns, but this deal does a very good job of tackling that! The Mate 20 Pro seemed unaffordable at first, but now it’s a very tempting proposition indeed.

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