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Go all in on Google Assistant with £79 off this Lenovo Smart Clock and Nest Mini bundle

A cheap way to get your smart home started

If you’re curious about dipping your toes into the world of smart speakers and Google Assistant, then Currys has got a great bundle on offer that’ll give you a taste of the smart home lifestyle.

Right now, you can get the Lenovo Smart Clock screen and Nest Mini speaker for £49.99. That’s a saving of £79 on their prices when sold separately, and you can get the Nest Mini in black, pink or white, depending on your decor. 

Both run Google Assistant, meaning you can keep track of your appointments, ask questions and check in on the weather. And while neither has amazing sound quality (they’re both pretty dinky), you can ask them to play your music or podcasts, too.

Ed was a big fan of the Lenovo Smart Clock when he reviewed it last year. “Thanks to its small build, natty design and well-thought-out interface, the Smart Clock would have a certain appeal even if were a dumb clock,” he wrote. “When you consider that it packs in all of the powerful features of Google Assistant into such an attractive and competitively priced package, however, it’d feel an injustice not to award it a Best Buy,” he added, before slapping a five-star rating on it. 

I’m personally a little less sold on the Nest Mini, but only really because it’s a direct competitor to the excellent Echo Dot, and it simply can’t compete in terms of sound quality. While the Dot has audio out, meaning you can attach it to a better sound system, the Nest Mini does not, leaving you with the slightly disappointing internal speaker, unless you happen to have a Chromecast Audio to stream to.

Despite this, it’s still worth having: good for radio, podcasts and all the usual smarts of Google Assistant. If you have smart bulbs, being able to control them with the sound of your voice is nothing short of magical – especially if your light switch is as far away from the bed as mine is.

In short, £49.99 for the pair is nothing short of a bargain. Snap this up before it goes.

Buy now from Currys PC World

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