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Free Film Emulator gives your photos an old-fashioned feel

Film Emulator

New website allows you to apply dozens of retro film effects without downloading apps

Yearn for the days of analogue photography and nipping down to the developers? The new Film Emulator website will give your digital photos that retro feel.

Although there are plenty of retro film filters in apps such as Instagram, Film Emulator is a standalone website that requires no downloads, installation or registration. You simply upload your photos, apply the desired filter, tweak with the parameters and download the edited photo back to your PC.

The website has dozens of filters to choose from. Although they’re not named by brand, old-school photographers should have little difficulty identifying some of the names. There are both colour and black and white filters available.

We recommend clicking on the Settings link at the top and adjusting the JPEG Export Quality to 100 to maintain maximum resolution. There you will also find an Advanced Settings option, which allows you to tweak parameters such as vibrance and black levels, in addition to the basic saturation, brightness and vignette sliders.

The site doesn’t support RAW images, so photography enthusiasts will have to convert their images to JPEGs before using the tool. The site was created in JavaScript by Jonas Wagner, who has a selection of other tools on his website, including one that allows you to draw your own Hubble-like nebula images!  


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