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The best menopause supplements to buy in 2023

Our pick of the best menopause supplements to help with symptoms including fatigue, hot flushes and changes in your mood

Menopause supplements can be a great addition to your daily routine, and are known to bring relief from some of the symptoms associated with that difficult time period following the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Menopause is a natural part of ageing and occurs after a woman has gone 12 consecutive months without a menstrual period, marking the end of her reproductive years. Most women experience menopause after the age of 40, but in some cases it happens earlier (perimenopause). During menopause, women’s estrogen and progesterone levels change, leading to symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disturbances and vaginal dryness. Pre-menopausal symptoms can include irregular or skipped periods, periods that are heavier or lighter than usual, hot flushes and urinary urgency.

While menopause is unavoidable, there are many treatments that can help with the transition. In addition to menopause supplements, another common way in which women seek support during menopause is by undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This treatment is known to replace hormones and improve common menopausal symptoms. While symptoms pass after a few years, this type of therapy can offer great relief.

A lot of women, however, choose not to go the HRT route and decide to use menopause supplements instead, and there are those who opt to use a combination of the two. A lot of supplements can help with specific symptoms and are created with formulas to support energy levels, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sex drive, skin conditions, hot flushes and post-menopause stages. Whichever road you take, make sure you liaise with your medical professional first to find the best course of treatment for you.

Browse our list below to find the best menopause supplement to suit your needs.

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Best menopause supplements: At a glance

  • Best overall menopause supplement: JSHealth Menopause+ Formula | Buy now
  • Best menopause supplement for fatigue: Wellwoman 50+ | Buy now
  • Best menopause supplement for hot flushes: A Vogel Menoforce Sage | Buy now
  • Best-value menopause supplement: Vitabiotics Menopace Original | Buy now
  • Best menopause supplement for mood swings: Solgar MenoPrime | Buy now
  • Best menopause supplement for skin and nails: Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman 50+ | Buy now

How to choose the best menopause supplements

Menopause symptoms can cause an imbalance in hormones and, for many, this means a vitamin or mineral deficiency. With the use of supplements, many women notice a difference in these bodily changes and an improvement in quality of life.

What types of vitamins help support menopausal symptoms?

There are many vitamins that may help relieve symptoms that can affect you on a daily basis. Some supplements include vitamins such as B6 and B12, which can help with cognitive functions and even lower the risk of dementia. Supplements that include vitamin D have been shown to relieve vaginal dryness, and vitamins D and E can also improve and decrease hot flushes and mood swings.

Some menopause supplements include natural, plant-based ingredients. One common ingredient found in these supplements is soybean, which some professionals say may help reduce hot flushes as well as keeping hormones balanced and supporting cognitive functions. Another ingredient is magnesium, which aids the transition into menopause. It’s known to help improve sleep disturbance and also plays a role in reducing fatigue.

Should I take menopause supplements daily?

Most supplements on the list below are intended for daily use, and several women see improvement after a few weeks. However, it’s important to speak with a medical professional before taking any supplement, especially if you’re already taking medication. Before commencing any supplement, always read the included leaflets and follow the instructions carefully.

What herbal minerals are available?

Several herbal-based supplements have been found to be beneficial for energy levels, mood swings and night sweats. One of the most popular ingredients in menopause supplements is sage leaf. This is a traditional component that’s known to alleviate hot flushes and excessive sweating. Other common herbal formulas include the following ingredients:

  • Chasteberry
  • Saffron
  • Black cohosh
  • Wild yam
  • Siberian rhubarb
  • Maca root

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The best menopause supplements to buy in 2023

1. JSHealth Menopause+ Formula: The best overall menopause supplement

Price: £38 (60 tablets) | Buy now from JSHealth Vitamins

If you’re suffering from multiple menopausal symptoms, such as night sweats, tension, low energy levels and general wellbeing, this supplement was praised by several women for reducing many of these problems, and quickly. The formula is created with vitamin B6, a Chaste tree herbal addition and sage to maintain an overall, well-balanced, better you.

Women felt that their hot flushes were reduced and their energy levels were increased, leaving them feeling much better on a daily basis. Although slightly more expensive than most of the others on our list, the JSHealth Vitamins formula is created with natural products and is suitable for people with a variety of dietary requirements.

Key specs – Type: Tablet; Dosage: Two tablets per day; Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans; dairy-free; gluten-free; nut-free; sugar-free

Buy now from JSHealth Vitamins

2. Wellwoman 50+: The best menopause supplement for fatigue

Price: £11 (30 tablets) | Buy now from Boots

Designed for women over 50, this menopause supplement was formulated to help women going through the menopause, dealing specifically with fatigue. Plenty of women felt their energy levels increase after using this supplement and it seemed to perk them up from their previously low moods.

Some users also noticed a difference in their hair and nail growth, noting that their nails were growing longer than ever and that this supplement helped eliminate the hair loss they had previously suffered. This supplement is also known to help improve focus levels – particularly useful during the colder, darker winter months.

Key specs – Type: Tablet; Dosage: One tablet per day with a main meal; Dietary: Suitable for vegetarians

Buy now from Boots

3. A Vogel Menoforce Sage: The best menopause supplement for hot flushes

Price: £15 (30 tablets) | Buy now from Holland & Barrett

If you’re suffering from hot flushes, A Vogel Menoforce Sage is a traditional herbal supplement that’s recommended by many women over 50 years old. Hot flushes and night sweats can become a real problem in one’s daily life and this product can help create a much-needed change in the body to alleviate some of these common menopausal symptoms.

This supplement not only supports and reduces the recurring change in a woman’s body temperature that causes hot flushes, but also helps with mood swings and aids general wellbeing. Some women who were unable to have HRT also noted that this supplement helped them sleep better at night.

Key specs – Type: Tablet; Dosage: One tablet per day; Dietary: Suitable for vegans

Buy now from Holland & Barrett

4. Vitabiotics Menopace Original: The best-value menopause supplement

Price: £4.49 (30 tablets) | Buy now from Superdrug

Many customers favoured this menopause supplement for its excellent value and felt that it helped them during their pre- and post-menopause stages. After a few weeks of taking the Vitabiotics Menopace Originals, some customers noticed a real difference in their mood and had fewer hot flushes.

This supplement includes 22 nutrients, including vitamin B6 and vitamin D, and is a great support to women with other symptoms such as fatigue and night sweats. If you’re buying this product from Superdrug, there’s frequently an offer available on Vitabiotics supplements.

Key specs – Type: Tablet; Dosage: One tablet per day; Dietary: Not stated

Buy now from Superdrug

5. Solgar MenoPrime: The best menopause supplement for mood swings

Price: £16 (30 tablets) | Buy now from Cult Beauty

Menopause causes each woman’s body to behave differently, with a wide variety of symptoms affecting different women. MenoPrime is a botanical formula created with saffron and Siberian rhubarb that supports women during menopause going through various symptoms. The natural elements in MenoPrime have been clinically tested, with research showing that they can improve mood, bringing a calmer and more relaxed state of mind.

With many women looking for solace from mood swings, night sweats, hot flushes and vaginal dryness, Solgar’s MenoPrime has a reputation for helping reduce these symptoms, and some customers have noticed the difference in their body after just a few days of taking them. Many happy customers commented on improvement in mood and sleep, too.

Key specs – Type: Tablet; Dosage: One tablet per day; Dietary: Suitable for vegans; gluten-free; sugar-free; dairy-free

Buy now from Cult Beauty

6. Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman 50+: The best menopause supplement for skin and nails

Price: £10 (30 capsules/Duo pack) | Buy now from Amazon

Some women notice that menopause has a negative impact on their skin, hair, and nails. The Seven Seas Perfect7 supplement has been praised by many for improving nail strength and complexion. As well as seeing increased energy levels, women reported a nail growth spurt after just a month of using the Perfect7 50+ vitamins.

The collagen formation in this vitamin prevents nails and hair from snapping easily and ensures they are stronger and longer. Other minerals in this supplement include iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C and zinc. These contribute to eliminating fatigue and improving bone strength, vision and heart function. The capsules are larger than some of the vitamins on this list, but can easily be swallowed with a glass of cold water.

Key specs – Type: Tablet; Dosage: One purple blister capsule and one silver blister capsule to be taken daily; Dietary: Contains fish and soy

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