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6 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e should be your next tablet

The perfect combination of style and substance

With Samsung earning much kudos for its gorgeous Galaxy S10, it’d be easy for the new Galaxy Tab S5e to slip through the cracks. Literally, in a sense, given that at just 5.5mm, it’s the thinnest tablet we’ve ever seen. For context, the iPad Pro, a tablet that’s never been accused of being hefty, is 7.2% thicker.

But Samsung has managed to pack a lot of power into that tiny frame. Here are six reasons why you should seriously consider making the Galaxy Tab S5e your next tablet.

1. It’s the most stylish tablet around

It’s not just how thin it is that makes the Tab S5e a looker, though. Samsung knows a thing or two about design, and it really shows here, with the subtly curved metal uni-body frame and thin bezels giving just enough to hold onto without ever getting in the way. That brilliant 10.5in screen takes up a huge 84.8% of the device, meaning there’s nothing between you and your precious content.

Despite this, it keeps all the utility you’d expect with some clever design choices. The fingerprint reader is hidden away in the power button, for example, though you can always unlock with your face if you prefer.

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2. It’s the ultimate box-set binger

Everything you consume on the Tab S5e looks brilliant thanks to the Super AMOLED screen technology Samsung has been perfecting for the past eight years. But if we had to pick one particularly strong suit, it’s those box-set binges, whether you favour Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or good old BBC iPlayer.

The bezel barely registers on the eyes, leaving you to get completely absorbed by the show, and the 2,560 x 1,600 display is complemented by perfectly tuned sound, courtesy of the audiophiles at AKG. They supply the quad-speaker setup on the device that brings high-fidelity Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound to your TV catch-up sessions.

Oh, and you don’t need to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a season. There’s a 7,040mAh battery in there, which should keep you going for up to 14.5 hours. To put that into perspective, that’s just enough time to watch the entirety of Black Mirror on Netflix without needing to grab a charger…

3. It’s the best way to stay connected

Not that the Galaxy Tab S5e is just about that all-important me time, of course. In fact, Samsung’s latest tablet is a great machine for staying in touch with your nearest and dearest.

First up, Daily Board mode makes it a hub for family life, immediately turning the device into an always-on gallery of your favourite photos and important information for the day ahead. Then there’s Samsung Family Share, which allows you to easily send around reminders, photos and schedules to the people who matter most with minimal fuss.

It’s not just people, though. The Tab S5e is the easiest way of controlling your burgeoning smart home. With the SmartThings app and compatible hardware, you can control your lighting, see who’s at the door, and turn up the heating without needing to take your eyes off that brilliant screen.

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4. Your secrets are safe with top security

Despite playing nicely with friends and family, don’t be under the impression that the Tab S5e is anyone’s device but yours. Samsung makes sure of that by including a couple of security options for extra peace of mind.

Whether you choose to protect your privacy with your fingerprint or your face, you can always be certain that your secrets are kept away from prying eyes.

5. More space than you’ll know how to use

Unlike certain other popular tablet manufacturers we could mention, Samsung doesn’t skimp on the storage space. Not only is the Galaxy Tab S5e available in generous 64 and 128GB configurations, but both have a microSD slot capable of upping that capacity by up to 512GB.

That means you could have a total capacity of 576 to 640GB. That’s more than 200 hours of HD Netflix content downloaded for offline viewing, which should be plenty to get on with.

6. The price is right

Despite these top-end features, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e won’t break the bank. You can have a Tab S5e in your hands today for just £379 for the 64GB version or £439 for the 128GB one.

For that price you might think that Samsung had cut corners on the specs, but that’s absolutely not the case. The powerful octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor runs the show, backed up by 4GB of RAM (or 6GB if you buy the version with 128GB storage), which means that it won’t ever let you down, whether you’re engrossed in a film, powering through a game or just browsing the web.

Why look elsewhere?

In short, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e offers everything you could look for in a tablet. It’s good looking, powerful, light, secure and fully featured at a price that can’t be bettered.

Try one today: you won’t be disappointed.

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