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Samsung unveils new products at CES – OLED TV, updated Ultrabook and Wi-Fi camera range

Samsung TV

The pick of Samsung's new products

While Samsung’s CES press conference concentrated on internet connected TVs, there were a raft of other products mentioned that we’ll be taking a closer look at over the next few days.


First up is a 55in OLED TV, the same size as the set announced by LG earlier in the day. Samsung has declared its to be ‘Super OLED’, accompanied with talk of better colour definition. How this will stack up against LG’s technology we don’t know yet. And with both companies yet to provide prices or even a launch date, it seems that OLED is still tomorrow’s technology.


In its continued bid to get every device connected and sharing media, Samsung also announced a considerable range of Wi-Fi enabled cameras. Such cameras have been about for years, but largely as expensive novelties, now it seems Samsung is betting on Wi-Fi being the big new distinguishing feature for this year’s range.

The cameras will be capable of numerous clever tricks. For starters you can set-up an auto-backup system so your photos are copied to your PC whenever you come within range of your home router. It will also let you email pictures, or share them online, direct from the camera without any other device.


Samsung also showed off an updated Series 9 Ultrabook. Its been reduced in overall size by 30% compared to the older model, which was pretty slender itself. The outer is now a single-piece aluminium shell, with a sand-blasted finish to resist fingerprints. It has a backlit keyboard and can wake from sleep in just 1.4 seconds. Another strong contender for the very crowded fight for the Ultrabook crown.


Finally Samsung talked about smart appliances. The main example was a washing machine that could communicate with an app on your smartphone to tell you when the washing was finished. Clever stuff and very handy if you’re prone to leaving it to fester overnight.

You can also send photos directly to your smartphone using Wi-Fi direct; and better still you can control your camera from your smartphone, so you can set-up a self portrait and then tweak the zoom and fire the shutter from your phone. All using a ‘remote viewfinder’ to check the changes as you make them.

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