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Philips TV line-up for 2013 revealed by TP Vision

TP Vision has announced its range of Philips TVs for 2013, led by the range-topping PFL8008

TP Vision has announced its range of Philips-branded TVs for 2013, revealing a simplified line-up of five model series, including the range-topping PFL8000-series and the PFL6008 series with “frameless” design. We had a sneak peak at the new sets at this year’s CES show, but now we can finally bring you the full details on the company’s line-up.


Available in 46in and 55in models, the flagship PFL8008-series has every feature you would expect from a top-end set, including active 3D, 1,400Hz Picture Motion Enhancement image processing, catch-up TV services, online video streaming, a full internet browser powered by a dual-core processor, integrated Wi-Fi and Miracast wireless display, USB recording, DLNA multimedia playback and a Philips MyRemote – when we compared the competition last year, the MyRemote stood out as one of the most well thought-out smart TV remotes currently available. A Skype camera is built into the screen bezel for video chat.

Philips PFL8008

It will also include three-sided Ambilight, a trademark of Philips TVs, which will also be making an appearance on all the mainstream models. In either two- or three-sided configurations, Ambilight creates a more immersive viewing experience by projecting colour-changing LEDs outwards from the edges to match what’s happening on-screen. It’s a fantastic feature that’s unique to Philips, so we’re glad to see it returning for 2013.


Philips PFL7008

The more mainstream PFL7008-series, which will ship in 42in, 47in and 55in screen sizes, drops down the number of Ambilight strips to two and has 700Hz Picture Motion Enhancement image processing. It also switches from active to passive 3D, but keeps almost all the features of the 8000-series including Wi-Fi, Miracast, Skype camera, Smart TV, DLNA, a Philips MyRemote and a MultiRoom viewing tablet app due by the end of the summer.


Philips PFL6008

The 6008 design series stands out from the rest of the line-up thanks to its “frameless” design – the ultra-thin bezel, in combination with two-sided Ambilight, gives the impression of the TV image bleeding out into the background. Available in 42in, 47in, 55in and 60in models, it might be a mid-range model but it’s packed with features. 500Hz Picture Motion Enhancement image processing, catch-up TV powered by a dual-core processor, passive 3D support, integrated Wi-Fi, DLNA playback, USB recording, Freeview/Freesat HD TV tuners, Miracast streaming and a full web browser are all included as standard.


Philips PFL5008

Further down the range, the PFL5008 series use passive 3D, full HD panels at 32in, 42in, 47in and 50in sizes, with 300Hz Picture Motion Enhancement processing, Smart TV, integrated Wi-Fi, USB hard disk recording, DLNA and Freeview HD tuners, along with two-sided Ambilight and a Philips MyRemote.


Philips PFL4508

The entry-level 4208 will be available in 22 and 24in models, with 200Hz refresh rates, Smart TV, DLNA integration, Wi-Fi and a Freeview TV tuner.

Today’s reveal wasn’t joined by price information, but we do know that customers will be able to buy one of the latest Philips models as early as the summer. We’ll be taking a closer look at each model over the coming weeks, with full reviews to follow once we get them into our labs.

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