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Acer expands Liquid Leap wearable range with Leap Curve, Leap Fit and Leap Active

Liquid Leap gets a fashion-centric upgrade and gets better health analysis for 2015

Acer’s original Liquid Leap wasn’t one of our favourite wearables, but it sounds as though the company is looking to fix many of the issues we had with it for 2015. Three new models were announced today at Acer’s #keepasking event in New York, including a fashion-friendly wearable with interchangeable bands and a health-focused version that should help keep your stress levels in check.

First up, the Liquid Leap Curve. As the name suggests, this wearable will arrive with a 1in curved touchscreen display, which should better fit the contour of your wrist than a flat screen and make it more comfortable to wear as well as easier to read. The removable core can be detached from the supplied wrist strap and popped into different bands, with both Acer and third party designers already working on a range of different colours, styles and materials that should appeal to anyone with a modicum of fasion sense.

It isn’t compromised in the search for style, however, as it will be waterproof and contain the same heart rate and stress sensors as its sibling, the Liquid Leap Fit. It has a regular 1in touchscreen (no curves here) but that should help keep the price down. Instead, it focuses more on improving your wellbeing by using its heart rate sensor to regularly measure your pulse and its stress sensors to check your skin temperature and sweat. Using this data, Acer’s H app can create a spider chart of your daily life, which should help you work out what’s causing you stress and make an effort to remove it, making you feel better in the long term.

Both bands carry across one of our favourite features from the original Liquid Leap – support for every smartphone OS. There are still very few wearables that support iOS, Android and Windows Phone simultaneously, but the Leap range will continue to do so in 2015.

There will also be a third addition to the range, the Liquid Leap Active. It will eschew some of the features found in the other two models, but keeps the interchangeable bands and should cost less too.

There’s currently no word on UK price or availability, but with Acer’s #keepasking event still in full swing, we’re hoping to get some details soon/ We’ll also have hands-on impressions later this afternoon, so be sure to check back if you’re on the lookout for a multi-OS wearable with a splash of style.

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