Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera review

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10 Jan 2012
Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera

The latest Bloggie has Wi-Fi for streaming and uploading video

Sony didn't mention a lot of new products in its press conference this evening at CES, but it did make a special note of the new Bloggie Live. That's probably because the new Bloggie's built-in Wi-Fi capabilities chimed with Sony's overall theme of connected devices and sharing content - something we'll be talking more about soon.

Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera

Back to the Bloggie it's a really nicely made bit of kit, feeling very study and with a good blend of well-placed, physical controls, plus a 3in capacitative touchscreen for functions like spot focus and for handling menu navigation.

Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera

It's no surprise to find out it shoots 1080p video, but it can also take 12.8-megapixel stills. Of course, there's little point in either unless you show it someone afterwards. With the new Bloggie Live you can use the Wi-Fi to stream video directly to other devices for playback, such as a TV, or you can upload it directly to social networking or video sharing sites.

Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera

For more conventional file transfers the Bloggie has taken a leaf out of the now defunct Flip line. A shiny metal USB connector flips out of the bottom of the camcorder, there's no button for this, you just click it in and it pops out.

Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera

Other features include 8GB of internal memory for around 2-3 hours of footage. We couldn't do much testing on the show floor, but the results looked good onscreen and Sony's Exmor CMOS sensors have proved capable in low-light in the past. There's also LED lighting for very dark conditions and image stabilisation to keep footage tidy-looking.

It's a great litle device and is bound to appeal to those who want to post video while on the go. It's available in the US in January, so we shouldn't have to wait long for a UK release. However at $250 it's not going to be cheap.

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