Sat nav

  • TOMTOM Start 60 review

    inc VAT
    10 Dec 2014

    The Start 60 is a colourful and helpful satnav system, but it has a slow, jerky interface

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  • Mio Cyclo 300 review

    Mio Cyclo 300
    inc VAT
    13 Aug 2012

    The hardware’s great, but this cycle satnav’s route planning hasn’t yet got to grips with the finer points of British cycleways

  • TomTom Go Live Top Gear Edition review

    Stig welcome screen
    inc VAT
    3 Nov 2011

    This limited edition will naturally appeal to Top Gear fans, but we'd expect full maps of Europe at this price

  • Holux TwoNav Sportiva Plus review

    Holux TwoNav Sportiva Plus kit
    inc VAT
    14 Oct 2011

    Plenty of features for the outdoor navigation enthusiast, and good on-road guidance with the optional maps, but the screen isn't the best and the interface needs polish

  • Mio Spirit 685 review

    Mio 685 navigation screen
    inc VAT
    11 Oct 2011

    At this price, we can forgive the 685's flaws. It's easy to use and has a larger than average screen

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  • Garmin Edge 800 review

    Garmin Edge 800
    inc VAT
    7 Jun 2011

    It isn't cheap, but this cycling computer and satnav will ensure you get where you're going without faffing around with a paper map. It will also help you get fit too

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  • Garmin nüvi 2460LT review

    Garmin nuvi 2460LT
    inc VAT
    4 Jun 2011

    An easy to use navigator, but it lacks live services. The ecoRoute feature is only great if you add the £100 attachment.

  • TomTom Via Live 120 review

    TomTom Via Live 120
    inc VAT
    11 Feb 2011

    Despite a couple of minor flaws, the Via Live 120 is a great satnav. We just hope MyTomTom is fully working soon.

  • TomTom Go 1000 Live review

    TomTom Go 1000 Live
    inc VAT
    15 Nov 2010

    It isn't cheap, but this is a superb navigator that will get you to your destination as fast as possible.

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  • GTrek II GPS logger review

    GTrek trip view in Google Earth
    inc VAT
    25 Sep 2010

    If you want information about where you've been, rather than where you're going, this GPS logger does the job well

  • Mio Navman 470 review

    Mio Navman 470
    inc VAT
    17 Sep 2010

    An excellent budget satnav that's supremely easy to use and has more features than you might expect at this price. The only major omission is traffic information.

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  • Mio Moov Spirit V505 TV review

    Mio Moov Spirit V505 TV
    inc VAT
    1 Jun 2010

    A reasonable navigation device, but the TV interface is poorly designed, there's no headphone socket and it can't be used on the move. There are better satnavs available for similar money.

  • TomTom Go 550 Live review

    TomTom Go 550 Live
    inc VAT
    30 Mar 2010

    Yet another great satnav from TomTom which, despite lacking some of its predecessors’ features, still wins a Best Buy award.

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  • Vexia econav 480 UK & Ireland review

    Vexia econav 480 UK & Ireland
    inc VAT
    13 Feb 2010

    The econav provides great navigation and the potential to improve your fuel economy, but it suffers from an unresponsive touchscreen, a lack of traffic information and a relatively high price.

  • TomTom Start UK & Ireland review

    TomTom Start
    inc VAT
    18 Jan 2010

    An easy-to-use satnav, but a touch overpriced given the features on offer.

  • Mio Navman Moov Spirit 500 Traffic review

    inc VAT
    17 Nov 2009

    A feature-packed satnav, but the touchscreen can be unresponsive. It's also quite expensive and there are better-value alternatives.

  • Jobo AG PhotoGPS review

    (£114 ex VAT)
    30 Jul 2009

    The Jobo PhotoGPS seems like a neat solution for datacachers, but it's not without its faults.

  • TomTom One Regional Assist review

    inc VAT
    13 Feb 2009
  • Navigon 1210 review

    inc VAT
    13 Feb 2009