Digital cameras

  • Pentax K-S2 review

    Pentax K-S2
    inc VAT
    16 Apr 2015

    Superb ergonomics and features, minor image quality niggles keep the Pentax K-S2 from top marks

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  • Sony CyberShot HX90, HX90v review - hands on

    14 Apr 2015

    Sony's latest premium compact, the CyberShot HX90, also has a travel zoom companion - the WX500

  • Nikon D5500 review

    inc VAT
    14 Apr 2015

    Superb sensor, disappointing kit lens, middling controls: the Nikon D5500 is a fine camera but it lacks consistency.

  • Nikon S9900 review

    Nikon S9900 front
    inc VAT
    9 Apr 2015

    Image quality is good rather than great, but the Nikon S9900 is packed with great features and the price is right.

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  • Canon EOS 750d/760d review - hands on

    Canon EOS 760D 4
    23 Mar 2015

    Canon gives its customers choice with the newbie-friendly 750D and more advanced 760D

  • Canon EOS M3 review - hands on

    Canon EOS M3 4
    23 Mar 2015

    Canon overhauls its compact system camera with a much faster AF system - the EOS M3 is super quick

  • Canon EOS 5DS/5DS R review - hands on

    Canon 5DS 3
    23 Mar 2015

    We put the mammoth 50.6-megapixel EOS 5DS / 5DS R dSLR through its paces at Birmingham's Photography Show

  • Panasonic Lumix GF7 review - hands on

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 5
    inc VAT (with 12-32mm kit lens)
    23 Mar 2015

    Panasonic's tiny GF7 interchangeable lens compact squeezes in a surprising number of features

  • Nikon D7200 review - hands on

    Nikon D7200 7
    Inc VAT (Body only)
    23 Mar 2015

    The D7200 upgrades Nikon's APS-C workhorse with NFC, Wi-Fi and improved low-light shooting

  • Nikon D610 review

    Nikon D610
    19 Mar 2015

    Barely different but still brilliant, this replaces the D600 as our Best Buy full-frame SLR

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  • Canon EOS 70D review

    Canon EOS 70D
    inc VAT
    17 Mar 2015

    A few minor niggles but still a consummate all-rounder – our new favourite enthusiasts' SLR

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  • Panasonic SZ10 review

    inc VAT
    11 Mar 2015

    Well-conceived with its 12x zoom and selfie-friendly screen, but the Panasonic SZ10 lacks the quality where it counts.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 review

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1
    inc VAT
    3 Mar 2015

    The smallest CSC to date, and one of the best too

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  • Panasonic GM5 review

    inc VAT
    3 Mar 2015

    The Panasonic GM5 is small and charming, but there's some stiff competition at this price.

  • Nikon D5300 review

    Nikon D5300
    inc VAT
    26 Feb 2015

    Some welcome improvements, but they don't address key criticisms we had with its predecessor

  • Nikon D7100 review

    Nikon D7100
    inc VAT
    26 Feb 2015

    A well-rounded enthusiasts' SLR with exceptional image quality and ergonomics

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  • Samsung NX1 review

    inc VAT
    19 Feb 2015

    Fast, feature-packed and massively capable, the Samsung NX1 is an unbridled success

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  • Panasonic LX100 review - a compact tour de force

    Panasonic LX100 aperture ring
    inc VAT
    17 Feb 2015

    Comes top for image quality, performance, video quality, controls – the LX100 is a tour de force.

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  • Olympus E-PL7 review

    inc VAT (with EZ Pancake lens, £399 with standard kit lens)
    13 Feb 2015

    A consummate all-rounder, the E-PL7 scores particularly highly for speed and style.

  • Canon EOS 700D review

    Canon EOS 700D
    inc VAT
    10 Feb 2015

    A superb all-rounder with a consistency that makes it more than the sum of its parts

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