Digital cameras

  • Sony a7R II review - Full frame and 4K in one

    Sony a7R II front
    inc VAT
    19 Nov 2015

    With a full-frame sensor and 4K video, the Sony a7R II delivers in spades for both photo and video.

  • Sony RX10 II review

    Sony RX10 II angle
    inc VAT
    4 Nov 2015

    A formidable camera at an equally imposing price, it’s the Sony RX10 II’s slow motion modes that really stand out

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  • Canon EOS M10 review - hands on

    Canon EOS M10 front
    29 Oct 2015

    We took Canon's mirrorless Canon EOS M10 for a shoot in a derelict, abandoned mill in East London

  • Canon 760D review

    Canon EOS 760D angle
    inc VAT
    1 Oct 2015

    Well rounded, but the Canon 760D's small viewfinder is disappointing at this price

  • Best camera 2015 - Compact, CSC & SLR picks and buying guide

    Best cameras intro
    21 Sep 2015

    Discover the best cameras to buy in 2015 including award-winning SLR cameras, compact cameras, bridge cameras and CSC models

  • Canon 5Ds review

    Canon EOS 5Ds front
    inc VAT
    11 Sep 2015

    A 50-megapixel sensor in a beautifully designed camera, but the Canon EOS 5Ds risks being a niche product.

  • Fujifilm X-T10 review

    Fujifilm X-T10 front
    inc VAT
    4 Sep 2015

    With superb controls, class-leading image quality and a remarkably low price, the Fuji X-T10 is a Best Buy

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  • Panasonic FZ330 review

    inc VAT
    3 Sep 2015

    Fast, feature-packed and excels for telephoto photography, the Panasonic FZ330 shows how a bridge camera should be done

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  • Panasonic GX8 review

    Panasonic GX8
    inc VAT
    7 Aug 2015

    Luxurious and feature-packed, but the Panasonic GX8 has some stiff competition at this price.

  • Panasonic G7 review

    Panasonic G7
    inc VAT
    30 Jul 2015

    With sophisticated autofocus, superb controls and 4K video capture, the Panasonic G7 packs a serious punch.

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  • Canon EOS M3 review

    inc VAT
    17 Jul 2015

    Not perfect, but superb controls and outstanding image quality make the Canon EOS M3 a serious contender

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  • Nikon J5 review

    inc VAT
    13 Jul 2015

    More rounded than previous designs, but the Nikon J5 lacks a compelling reason to choose it over the competition

  • Canon EOS 750D review

    inc VAT
    7 Jul 2015

    Responsive live view performance and consistent all-round quality makes the Canon 750D a safe bet

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  • Canon 700D review

    Canon EOS 700D
    inc VAT
    30 Jun 2015

    A superb all-rounder with a consistency that makes it more than the sum of its parts

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  • Canon EOS 100D review

    Canon EOS 100D
    inc VAT
    29 Jun 2015

    A good and compact Canon SLR, but at current prices it's overshadowed by its 700D sibling

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  • Samsung NX3000 review - incredible value at £200

    inc VAT
    25 Jun 2015

    With high image quality, lots of features and a slim design, the Samsung NX3000 is a cracking deal

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  • Fujifilm XP80 review

    Fujifilm XP80 front intro
    inc VAT
    19 Jun 2015

    Keenly priced for a rugged, waterproof camera, but the Fujifilm XP80's image quality is below par

  • Ricoh WG-5 GPS review

    Ricoh WG-5 GPS
    inc VAT
    17 Jun 2015

    Slow to take pictures, but the Ricoh WG-5's competitive image quality and rugged credentials are an appealing combination

  • Nikon D7100 review

    Nikon D7100
    inc VAT
    3 Jun 2015

    A well-rounded enthusiasts' SLR with exceptional image quality and ergonomics

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  • Nikon D7200 review

    Inc VAT (Body only)
    21 May 2015

    Best-in-class image quality and sublime ergonomics take the Nikon D7200 to the top of the pack

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