Canon EOS 60D with 18-135mm lens review

Superior ergonomics – particularly the bigger viewfinder and articulated screen – make this a shrewd choice for Canon upgraders willing to look beyond the 550D.

24 Jan 2011
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22.3x14.9mm 18.0-megapixel sensor, 7.5x zoom (28.8-216mm equivalent), 755g

The differences between the 60D and 550D are more in what they’re like to use. Their performance is hard to separate in general use but the 60D is faster in continuous mode, running at 5.2fps and only slowing to 2fps after 96 JPEGs in our tests. RAW continuous mode lasted for 18 shots before slowing to 0.8fps.

Canon EOS 60D open LCD

The 60D’s screen is articulated, and this makes a big difference for video and macro photography. There are many more buttons than on the 550D and an additional dial. The 60D doesn’t use them as effectively as we’d hope, though, and most functions are no quicker to access. A passive, backlit LCD screen displays camera settings, so the 3in LCD can be left off to conserve battery power. The battery is bigger than the 550D’s, too, and lasts 60% longer for videos and 150% longer for photos.

Best of all is the viewfinder, which is significantly bigger than the 550D’s. All these improvements account for a significantly higher weight and bulk than the 550D, but the end result is an nicely balanced camera that fits extremely snugly in the hand.

Canon EOS 60D back

While the 550D’s photos are exceptionally good for the price, the 60D has some stiffer competition. Canon’s SLRs are extremely consistent, so choosing a model is more about meeting your needs than going for an unequivocal Best Buy. That’s true of Nikon, too, and it gets more complicated because th two ranges include few models that are directly comparable by price. The 60D’s benefits over the 550D aren’t critical but together they easily justify the price difference. Ultimately, the 60D is a great choice for Canon owners looking to upgrade but keep their existing lens collection.

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