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Samsung SPF-105P review


The SPF-105P has a big, high-quality screen, but it's ruined by a long list of design flaws.

Review Date: 23 Feb 2010

Price when reviewed: £140


Reviewed By: Ben Pitt

Our Rating 1 stars out of 5

It’s hard to understand how a company as big as Samsung has allowed a product as flawed as the SPF-105P to reach the shops. It’s almost as if the development team had a long, boozy lunch and knocked up the design on a hazy Friday afternoon.

It took us a long time to find the power button, which is camouflaged on the back of the frame against a swirly floral pattern. More swirls appear on the front border, and although they’re mercifully subtle, a plain black border would be preferable. The touch-sensitive controls illuminate when they’re touched, but as is common with this sort of controls, they’re not as responsive as normal buttons. This, combined with the fact that the frame often took many seconds to respond to successful button pushes, made using the 105P a frustrating experience.

The frustrations certainly didn’t end there, though. Inserting a CompactFlash card produced a message to say it was recognised, but the frame continued to show its demo images from the built-in memory. Switching to the card wasn’t too laborious, but each time we switched the frame on, it reverted back to the built-in memory. Fortunately, it behaved better with SDHC cards.

There’s no orientation sensor to detect whether the frame is positioned in landscape or portrait mode, and tags to say that photos must be rotated weren’t recognised. Some photos were incorrectly rotated for no apparent reason. Slideshow progression has only three speeds, and the slowest is too fast at one minute. Slideshows can be paused, but after a few minutes the frame seemed to get bored waiting and moved on to the next picture anyway. There’s a headphone socket but no video support, making this the weirdest MP3 player ever invented.

The 10.2in screen's image quality is good and the built-in battery is welcome, despite its paltry 28-minute life. We also like the option to power off at a specified time, or power on then off at scheduled times. However, after such a catalogue of problems, we can't recommend the SPF-105P. If you want a 10in frame, Jessops’ budget 10.4in Hi-Res 2GB frame is the larger version of the Best Buy-winning 8in frame.

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