Best PS4 games trailers so far

Sony has used its PlayStation launch event to reveal the first games confirmed to appear on the PS4

21 Feb 2013

Sony has given eager gamers their first glance at the games that will appear on the PS4 console, taking over the main stage with a host of live demos and pre-rendered trailers at its reveal event last night. As well as some familiar faces, there were several new titles revealed to whet appetites for the console's launch later in the year. We've added the trailers, as well as our initial impressions, below.


Leading the charge was Knack, a cartoonish adventure game developed by Sony's Japan Studio. Lead developer Mark Cerny, who was introduced as the PS4's system architect, revealed a colourful platformer based around a robot that can radically change size at will. It showed off the PS4's powerful physics engine, whiich is able to model huge numbers of objects at once without any slowdown.


Bungie's next game was always going to generate hype, especially as it was confirmed to be coming to Sony hardware for the first time since 2001's Oni. Destiny is an open-world shooter set in a persistent online world, where players can come and go, joining up with friends or forming alliances that the developers don't control.


Jonoathan Blow made his name with the fantastic indie platformer Braid, and has committed to the PS4 for his next release, The Witness. It's a puzzler set in an open world where everything has a purpose but players can approach each challenge in the way they want, rather than in the same way as everyone else. It has a distinctly Myst-like vibe, with colourful graphics and a mesmerising soundtrack.


Motorstorm developer Evolution has apparently been waiting a decade to bring Driveclub to reality - it trademarked the name nine years ago. The multiplayer racer lets players join different car clubs to challenge groups of other players on open roads in some of the most realistic cars ever seen in a game. Modelling individual strands of carbon fibre may sound like overkill, but the visduals speak for themselves.


Rather than a straight sequel, Infamous: Second Son spins off the series into an X-Men-inspired action game where people with superhuman powers are rounded up and hunted down by an authoritarian government. A new hero and a new city should please Infamous fans, but we would be surprised if Cole didn't pop up along the way.


Geurilla games famously announced Killzone 2 in the run-up to the PlayStation 3's launch with a reveal trailer so good it could have easily been used for last night's event, but it turned out to be a hopelessly ambitious render that the developers simply couldn't pull off in it's entirety. We were somewhat surprised to see a new Killzone for the PS4, and will unfortunately remain sceptical until we see it in action on final hardware.


Watch_Dogs was one of the highlights of this year's E3 trade show, with graphics that looked above and beyond what the current generation of console hardware was capable of. Its PS4 reveal came as little surprise, but the new gameplay footage was just enough to keep us excited for its end-of-year launch.


Capcom used its slot on stage to demo a new game engine, rather than demo anything currently in development. Panta Rhei will power the majority of Capcom's output for next generation consoles, and it certainly looks pretty, although we were secretly hoping for a new Street Fighter game.

Finally, a brief and surprising announcement came from Blizzard, revealing it was bringing PC click-fest Diablo 3 to both PS3 and PS4, although no gameplay footage was shown.

Although there's no guarantee any of the titles on show will appear on launch day, they are a good indication of the level of power available from the console.

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