AMD Mantle API to replace DirectX 11 in Battlefield 4

26 Sep 2013

Console-style low-level programming for latest cards

There was some surprising news at AMD's GPU14 conference. AMD has created a new low-level API, called Mantle. Supported games will bypass DirectX 11, and talk to the graphics card directly through this new API.

AMD implied it was a similar system to that used in developing for consoles, and should improve performance significantly in supported titles. One such title is Battlefield 4, so AMD certainly has some heavy hitters on board.

AMD Mantle

Battlefield 4 will use the Mantle API rather than DirectX 11 on supported Radeon cards

Mantle will be available on any of AMD's Graphics Core Next GPUs, so anything from the 7000-series up. As soon as we have an AMD R9 290X graphics card and a copy of Battlefield 4, we'll run some benchmarks and see what difference Mantle can make.

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