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Motörheadphönes Bomber review


Good for die-hard Motorhead fans, but they're expensive for what they are

Review Date: 12 Mar 2013

Price when reviewed: £80


Reviewed By: Kat Orphanides

Our Rating 2 stars out of 5

Without a trace of metal on them, the Motörheadphönes Bomber headphones don't look very heavy metal. However, they're light, secure and comfortable to wear, although the earpads get a little warm and itchy. An in-line remote and built in mic mean you can control your media player and answer your phone. We were also pleased to find that the fabric wrapped cable isn't prone to tangling.

Motorheadphones Bomber

The headphones claim to make "everything louder than everything else", but they increase the bass until it overwhelms the muddy and distant mid-range, even leaving vocals a little lost in the background. The treble sounds fine, with a clean bright edge. This is a pity, because under the overwhelming bass, it sounds like there's a fair bit of detail there.

The headphones are best for punchy, dynamic tracks, working well with drum and bass, pop and straightforward rock. Motorhead sounded pretty good, too.

At £80, the Bombers feel like an attempt to get rock fans their own answer to Dr Dre's Beats. They'd be worth having at half the price, but £80 is pushing it.

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