Washing machines

  • Miele W1 WMB120 review

    Miele WMB120 hero shot
    5 Mar 2016

    Exceptionally well made, easy to use and excellent cleaning performance all make the Miele W1 WMB120 a top washing machine

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  • Samsung EcoBubble WW6000 (WW80J6410CW) review

    Samsung WW80J6410CW hero
    22 Feb 2016

    The WW80J6410CW is well priced, has excellent wash performance and is cheap to run, with the only niggle the occasional trapped sock

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  • Samsung Ecobubble WW9000 review (WW10H9600EW )

    Samsung WW10H9600EW
    inc VAT
    22 Jul 2014

    With smartphone control and an automated detergent dispenser, the WW9000 is the most advanced washing ever, and a great performer

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  • Panasonic NA-140VX4 review

    Panasonic NA-140VX4
    inc VAT
    18 Feb 2014

    Low running costs and a great purchase price, but this 10kg washing machine doesn't quite have the wash performance of previous models

  • Samsung Ecobubble WF90F7E6U6W

    Samsung Ecobubble WF90F7E6U6W
    inc VAT
    18 Feb 2014

    The lowest cost we've seen from a 30C cycle and great cleaning makes this large-capacity washing machine a great choice

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  • Beko WMB91242LC

    Beko WMB91242LC
    inc VAT
    7 Oct 2013

    Cheap to buy and, thanks to the Eco mode, cheap to run, with decent wash performance in all of its cycles

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  • Samsung Ecobubble WF80F5E5U4W

    Samsung Ecobubble WF80F5E5U4W
    inc VAT
    8 May 2013

    Fantastic performance at 15C and, with that cycle, incredibly low running costs

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  • Indesit IWC6105

    Indesit IWC6105
    inc VAT
    12 Apr 2013

    An incredibly cheap washing machine, but it's quite noisy

  • Indesit IWE91481ECO

    Indesit IWE91481ECO
    inc VAT
    4 Apr 2013

    A budget washing machine that does a decent job for the price

  • Zanussi ZWJ14591W review

    Zanussi ZWJ14591W
    inc VAT
    7 Mar 2013

    Consistent running costs, decent wash performance and a low cost all make this a great choice for an 8kg washing machine

  • AEG L87680FL review

    AEG L87680FL
    inc VAT
    7 Mar 2013

    Excellent wash performance and a great range of options from this well-priced washing machine

  • Panasonic NA-168VG4 review

    Panasonic NA-168VG4
    inc VAT
    7 Mar 2013

    Highly efficient, low running costs and excellent cleaning performance

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  • LG F1495BD review

    LG F1495BD
    inc VAT
    7 Mar 2013

    Great array of washing options, including steam, but you can get 12kg washing machines that are cheaper to run

  • Samsung Ecobubble WF1124XAC review

    Samsung Ecobubble WF1124XAC
    inc VAT
    7 Mar 2013

    Ecobubble is impressive, particularly at 15C. If you want the largest capacity machine, this is the one to buy

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