Corsair Performance Series Pro review

Lightning-quick and, for a high-end SSD, relatively affordable. If you want to give your PC a speed boost, this is the drive to buy

15 Jun 2012
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256GB sata solid state disk

Corsair's Performance Series Pro is the firm's enthusiast effort, and it's got good pedigree. Its Marvell 88SS9174 controller is also used in drives such as the Crucial M4 and Plextor's M3 Pro, which both provide good, if not record-breaking, performance.

Corsair Performance Series Pro

In order to lift the Performance Series Pro above its rivals, Corsair has partnered its 256GB drive with Toshiba-made Toggle Mode NAND, which can process more data transfers per second, and it's a combination that works. In our large-file write test, the Performance Series Pro scored 406MB/s, which is only second to the OCZ Vertex 4, but it then ran through our large-file read test at a mediocre 367.2MB/s.

Corsair Performance Series Pro

The Performance Series Pro really excelled when handling small files. In the small-file write test the Corsair scored 85MB/s. In the small-file read test, the Corsair Performance Series Pro scored 63MB/s, which is faster than many other SSDs, such as the Crucial M4, which scored 61MB/s. It isn’t expensive, either. It’s £240, which means it only costs 93p per gigabyte.

Excellent performance coupled with a keen price makes the Performance Series Pro an Ultimate award winner. If you need a high-speed SSD to boost your system, this is the one to buy.

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