Corsair Force GT review

A fine mainstream effort from Corsair

18 Jun 2012
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240GB sata solid state disk

The Force GT is Corsair’s mainstream offering, and that's indicated by its price. The 240GB model reviewed here costs £180. That means it costs around 75p per gigabyte, making it one of the best-value drives around at the moment.

The Force GT excelled in our small file benchmarks. It scored 83.5MB/s in our small-file write test and 60.6MB/s in our small-file read test, which is a reasonable turn of speed. We recorded mixed results in our large file tests, however. The Force GT ran at 381MB/s when reading large files, which is a good rate, but only scored 254.4MB/s in our write test.

Corsair Force GT

This middle-of-the-road performance can be explained by the hardware used to power the Force GT, which is the perennially popular SandForce SF-2281, partnered here with 25nm NAND chips. There are no surprises in the box either. You get a standard 2.5in to 3.5in drive bracket, but there’s no sign of data migration or backup software.

The Force GT is good value, but its reasonable performance is bettered by the Crucial M4 SSD 256GB, which, importantly, also offers better value on the pence-per-gigabyte scale. It’s for those reasons that the Force GT can’t quite topple the Crucial as our favourite budget SSD.

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