Adata S511 SSD review

So-so scores and a high price make this a disappointing drive

17 Jun 2012
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120GB sata solid state disk

SandForce has long been a popular SSD controller, and AData's S511 is one of many that rely on the popular SF-2281 chip. The 120GB capacity translates to 111GB of formatted space, and the memory chips themselves are 25nm NAND modules, which are used in quite a few SSDs.

That's an entirely ordinary specification and it translated to variable performance in our benchmarks. The Adata S511 scored a poor 184.9MB/s in our large-file write test and an impressive 385.1MB/s in our large-file read test. This translated to a below-average overall transfer rate of 285.03MB/s

Adata S511 SSD

The AData didn't pick up the pace in our small-file tests, either. It scored 81.9MB/s in our write test and 61MB/s in our read test.

The drive isn’t terribly good value, either. At £120 for 120GB of space, it's exactly £1 per gigabyte, making it rather expensive in comparison to some other drives, such as the Crucial M4.

At a time when SSDs are offering more exciting specifications and are regularly dipping below £1 per gigabyte, the AData's high price and relatively archaic design see it being left behind, and that means you should buy something else.

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