OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD review

Lightning speed when writing files and a fine price that’s only let down by a couple of benchmark results

26 Jun 2012
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256GB sata solid state disk

OCZ's 256GB Vertex 4 is the firm's latest enthusiast drive, and its specification puts most of its rivals to shame. For starters, the controller comes from newcomer Indilinx, which OCZ acquired just over a year ago. It’s called the Everest 2, and OCZ is confident it’ll compete with the best its competition has to offer. Familiar 25nm NAND chips provide the memory.

Its high-end components sound impressive, but we achieved mixed results in our benchmark tests. The Vertex 4's large-file write score of 423MB/s is incredibly high and it even beats the Corsair Performance Pro's score of 405MB/s, but its large-file read result of 327MB/s is lower than we expected.

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD

That pattern was repeated in our small file tests. Its small-file write result of 85MB/s is very high, and is on a par with other high-performance drives such as the Samsung 830 Series and the Corsair Performance Series Pro. Sadly, the OCZ Vertex 4 scored a mediocre 56.2MB/s when reading large files.

To OCZ's credit, its latest high-end drive doesn't break the bank. Its £210 price provides 256GB of space, and that translates to an impressive pence-per-gigabyte cost of just 78p. That makes the OCZ Vertex 4 great value.

The Ultimate award winning Corsair Performance Series Pro has even better performance, but its great value and high-performance makes the OCZ Vertex 4 a Best Buy.

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