Western Digital Red 3TB review

If you're after a NAS disk and don't need the fastest small file write speeds around, this is a great low-cost and high capacity disk

26 Dec 2012
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3TB sata hard disk

While most consumer hard disks are designed to be jacks of all trades, Western Digital's Red range of SATA3 hard disks is designed specifically for use in home and small business NAS devices. To this end, it's built for durability, power efficiency and low noise levels of just 23dB(A).

Western Digital's Intellipower system, which uses caching, promises faster throughput than you'd expect from a 5,400rpm disk. As promised, the disk's performance in our tests matched that of many SATA3 disks running at 7,200rpm.

In our large file transfer tests, it wrote at 145.8MB/s and read at 150.7MB/s for an average of 148.3MB/s. It wasn't very effective at writing small files, though, with a 41.2MB/s throughput. Reading small files was a different story, at 62.2MB/s, giving us an average small file transfer speed of 51.7MB/s.

Western Digital Red 3TB

WD's Red drives are perfect for use in a NAS

Although the poor slow file write speed means that these disks are less than ideal if, for example, you want to routinely back up lots of documents to your NAS, the Red's low power consumption, low noise levels and three year warranty make it well suited to its intended purpose. At just 4p per gigabyte, the price is great, too, but you can buy the Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB for slightly less if performance isn't so important.

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