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Toshiba THNSNF 512GB review

  • Toshiba THNSNF 512GB
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The fastest SSD we've ever seen, but it’s expensive and has a short warranty

Review Date: 29 Dec 2012

Price when reviewed: £369

Reviewed By: Mike Jennings

Our Rating 5 stars out of 5

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Toshiba's THNSNF 512GB uses 19nm MLC NAND memory, which is a smaller memory process that promises fast speeds. MLC means that it uses multiple layers in order to cram in more data, and it uses Toshiba’s own Toggle Mode process, which is quicker than synchronous and asynchronous memory.

As well as using 19nm NAND, this drive also has a huge 512GB capacity. That translates to a formatted capacity of 477GB, which should be enough for even the largest games or media collection.

Toshiba is keeping the rest of its specification close to its chest. It told us it uses an in-house chip, but isn’t letting us know anything else.

Whatever it uses, its formidable specification certainly returned superb benchmark results. In our large file write and read benchmarks, the Toshiba scored 515MB/s and 425MB/s. It's the first drive to top the 500MB/s mark in the former test, and it's quicker than the OCZ Vertex 4 in both tests. The Vertex 4 scored 423MB/s and 327MB/s in the large-file write and read tests.

The Toshiba THNSNF was no less impressive in the small file tests. Its small-file write test result of 150MB/s is the best we've recorded and easily beats the 84MB/s of the OCZ Vertex 4, and its small-file read test result of 90MB/s also beats the 56MB/s score of the Vertex 4.

Toshiba THNSNF 512GB

The Toshiba THNSNF is the fastest SSD we've ever tested

That makes it the quickest SSD we've ever tested, but it isn’t as impressive elsewhere. Its one-year warranty is extremely poor. Virtually every other solid-state drive comes with three or five years of protection. Still, at least it adheres to the newer 7mm form factor, so it’ll fit in the slimmest of laptops.

It’s the fastest SSD we’ve ever seen, but it doesn’t come cheap. This 512GB model will set you back £369, or 72p per gigabyte. That’s a far cry from the £153, 59p per gigabyte OCZ Vertex 4, and although that drive is slower and has a lower capacity, it’s still fast enough and large enough to sate all but the most demanding of power users.

The 256GB version costs £184, or 71p per gigabyte. These relatively high prices mean that drives such as the OCZ Vertex 4 still offer great value, and the Vertex 4 also includes a five-year warranty that easily outstrips the one-year deal included with the Toshiba. If you want the fastest SSD we’ve ever tested, you should invest in the Toshiba THNSNF, but there are better value drives.

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