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Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750GB review


The 750GB Scorpio Blue isn't the fastest internal laptop hard disk we've seen, but it has lots of storage at a reasonable price.

Review Date: 20 May 2010

Price when reviewed: £88


Reviewed By: Alan Lu

Our Rating 5 stars out of 5

ExpertReviews Award

The Scorpio Blue isn't the world's first 750GB laptop hard disk, but it’s among the first with a standard thickness of 9.5m rather than the chunkier 12.5mm. This may not sound like much, but such a disk can fit the vast majority of laptops whereas only a small number of models can take the thicker variety.

The Scorpio's performance in our file transfer tests was a bit inconsistent. It was faster at reading files than it was at writing them. Large files were read at 80.5MB/s but written at just 46.3MB/s.

Small files were read at 25MB/s but written at only 16.4MB/s. The Scorpio's write speeds aren't unusably slow but other laptop disks can exceed them by as much as 10MB/s. When fitted with the Scorpio instead of its stock disk, our test laptop's battery life remained the same.

If you need the best possible performance from your laptop's internal storage, then our recommendation is still the 500GB version of the Scorpio Blue. If having additional storage space is more important, as it will be for most laptop owners, then the 750GB is a fine alternative and it's affordable too at just 12p per gigabyte.

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