MSI GS70 Stealth ultra-portable gaming laptop launched review

MSI has launched the GS70 Stealth, its thinnest gaming laptop ever, at its Computex press conference. With 4th Generation Core CPUs and Nvidia 765m graphics, it's a portable powerhouse

3 Jun 2013

MSI has used its Computex press conference to launch the GS70 Stealth, the company's thinnest gaming laptop yet. At a mere 2.2cm thick and weighing less than 2.6kg, the all-black laptop comes dangerously close to Ultrabook territory, but still manages to squeeze in a 17in Full HD display and Nvidia dedicated graphics.

Hot on the heels of Razer's refreshed Blade laptops, the GS70 Stealth is machined from aluminium and feels just as high-end as it looks - we couldn't spot any signs of flex or give in the chassis, even from the pre-production sample on display.

The GS70 Stealth is powered by fourth generation Intel Core processors, previously known as Haswell, paired with 8GB of RAM, but the headline feature is surely the Nvidia GeForce GTX 765m dedicated graphics card - it's easily powerful enough to play the latest games, with MSI demoing Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 during its press conference.


Despite shedding a serious amount of weight compared to MSI's existing GX70 gaming monster, the GS70 retains many of MSI's signature gaming features including a multi-colour backlit keyboard developed by Steelseries, a KillerNIC gaming-grade network card and the Super RAID dual SSD storage configurations.


During our brief time with the laptop, we took Counter Strike for a spin and came away impressed with the responsive keyboard and touchpad. Both were comfortable to use and despite not using mechanical keys had plenty of tactile feedback.

The 17in, 1,920x1,080 screen appears to be using a TN panel, rather than IPS, as viewing angles weren't the best, but we were still able to spot enemies under the harsh lights of the show floor We'll have to wait until the laptop launches later this year to truly put it through its paces.

Despite its slim proportions, the GS70 Stealth has plenty of ports around its sides including four USB ports, full-size Ethernet, three 3.5mm audio jacks for 7.1 surround sound output, a muti-format card reader, one HDMI and two mini DisplayPorts. You'll be able to use all three display outputs at once if you have three monitors, although Nvidia Surround gaming might be asking a little too much of the GTX 765m.


At a fraction thinner than Razer's Blade laptop, the GS70 Stealth is a stunning gaming laptop that we can't wait to get into the labs - without Razer's expensive OLED Switchblade buttons, it should be significantly cheaper too. MSI has yet to confirm pricing or availability for the system, but we'll do our best to find out when MSI opens its booth on the Computex show floor tomorrow.

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