Nexus 4 stock shortage is Google's fault not ours, says LG

Poor sales projections led to under-supply problems

18 Jan 2013
Nexus 4 stock shortage

The blame-game surrounding poor stocks of the incredibly popular Google Nexus 4 smartphone continues, with LG blaming Google for the lack of devices even as Google claims it's all LG's fault.

The Nexus 4, manufactured for Google by LG, has proven extremely popular. Its combination of the latest version of Android and high specifications at a great price led to a near-instant sell-out world-wide when the device launched on the Google Play store.

Since then, the handset has briefly returned to stock only to sell out again almost immediately. While selected mobile networks have started offering the handset, they are capitalising on its scarcity by charging significantly more for the device than if it were still available through Google directly.

The reason for the poor stock levels is not known, but LG's French arm claims it's all down to Google. Speaking to French news site Challenges, Cathy Robin, director of LG France's mobile division, claimed that while she didn't want to apportion blame, the real reason for the constant out-of-stock notices is Google's inability to estimate demand.

"Supply problems are not necessarily completely related to LG. Google presented sales forecasts calculated according to their previous sales history of Nexus smartphones. But they were in less demand," Robin explained.

She went on to explain that LG had delivered the number of pre-ordered handsets and that the company continues to make regular deliveries, but supply is still short.

Some countries were more affected by others, as Google apparently miscalculated order numbers, diverting too much stock to some places and missing high demand in others.

Robin was quick to point out that the problems didn't affect the relationship between the two companies: "But be careful, I do not throw stones at anyone. Google and LG, it's going very well."

With the news that the official Nexus 4 wireless charging dock, which uses the Qi wireless charging standard, will be shipping in February, it's hoped that the supply constraints can be resolved.

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