iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 tipped for 22nd October unveiling

Apple's next-generation iPad tablets are expected to launch later this month, according to the latest round of rumours

9 Oct 2013
iPad Mini

Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPad tablets at an event on the 22nd of October, but rumours suggest the long-awaited retina iPad Mini 2 won't be among them.

Apple's popular iPad tablet range is overdue a refresh, with the company's flagship iPhone 5S smartphone making several enhancements including a more powerful 64-bit processor and integrated Touch-ID fingerprint scanner. As usual, Apple is refusing to state a date for when the new iPad models will appear until the last minute - leaving that job to the frequent leaks and rumours that always surround such events.

According to anonymous sources speaking to AllThingsD, Apple is to unveil, although potentially not fully launch, its upgraded iPads later this month at an invite-only event scheduled for the 22nd of October.

The event will apparently include the iPad 5 with its iPad Mini-inspired thinner and lighter design, 64-bit A7 processor, improved camera and potentially the same Touch-ID fingerprint scanning technology as the iPhone 5S.

An iPad Mini 2 is also expected to be launching at the event, although separate rumours suggest this will not be the long-awaited upgrade to a retina-class high-resolution display with that launch being pushed back to some time next year due to issues sourcing csreen components.

Apple has refused to comment on the rumours, but anyone in the market for an iPad this month would do well to wait a few weeks to see what the alleged unveiling event will bring.

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