• Best desktop PC 2015 - Windows 10 PC buying guide

    PC group shot
    4 Sep 2015

    The very best desktop PCs around, from all-in-ones to hardcore gaming rigs - now with Windows 10

  • Acer Revo Build review - hands on

    Acer Revo Build 2
    2 Sep 2015

    Acer's second take on a compact Mini PC is even more flexible than the first thanks to modular upgrades

  • Mac Mini 2014 review

    inc VAT
    26 Aug 2015

    The Mac Mini 2014 is a good upgrade for what was already an excellent entry-level Mac system but comes at the expense of easy upgrades

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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

    inc VAT (estimated)
    20 Aug 2015

    The GTX 950 is powerful without being power-hungry; Nvidia's new cut-price champion is ideally suited to 1080p gaming

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  • HP Pavilion Mini review

    HP Pavilion Mini - desk shot
    inc VAT
    12 Aug 2015

    A classy mini PC with room for expansion, but very strong rivals means its appeal is limited

  • XFX Radeon R9 380 Double Dissipation 4GB review

    XFX Radeon R9 380 ports
    inc VAT
    8 Aug 2015

    A new mid-range bargain for AMD, but the R9 380's ageing architecture isn’t the leap forward fans were hoping for

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  • Scan 3XS Z170 Performance GTK6

    Scan 3XS Z170 Performance GTK6 desk shot
    inc VAT
    6 Aug 2015

    A gaming PC with lots of room for expansion, great performance and a generous warranty

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  • Intel Core i5-6600K (Skylake) review

    inc. VAT
    5 Aug 2015

    Modest CPU and GPU gains over the previous generation, but Skylake is as future-proof as it gets right now

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  • Asus Z170-A review

    Asus Z170-a three quarters
    inc VAT
    5 Aug 2015

    Asus proves performance and features aren’t reserved for the top-end; the Z170-A is the best value Skylake motherboard we’ve seen

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  • AsRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6+ review

    Asrock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6+ three quarters
    inc VAT
    5 Aug 2015

    Overflowing with connectivity and a potent overclocker, the Gaming K6+ is a powerful, if rather costly, Skylake motherboard

  • MSI Z170A Gaming M5

    MSI Z170A Gaming M5 three quarters
    inc VAT
    5 Aug 2015

    The Z170A Gaming M5 is a seriously comprehensive Skylake motherboard, with everything you could want now – and in several years’ time

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  • Acer Extensa EM2610 review

    inc VAT
    1 Aug 2015

    A cheap desktop PC with occasionally stuttery performance, meagre storage and and no USB3 ports

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 ti review

    inc VAT
    10 Jul 2015

    The GTX 980 Ti is the undisputed top-end gaming champion and will play all current titles at 4K resolutions

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  • Intel Compute Stick review

    inc VAT
    3 Jul 2015

    A small, relatively cheap but seriously limited micro PC

  • Asus Chromebox M031U review

    Asus Chromebox under monitor
    inc VAT
    3 Jul 2015

    A charming little Chrome OS-based PC with surprisingly sprightly performance

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  • MSI Cubi review

    MSI Cubi three quarters
    inc VAT
    2 Jul 2015

    Impressive performance from this compact and great-value micro barebones PC

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  • Chillblast Fusion Wolf review

    Chillblast Fusion Wolf on a table
    inc VAT
    27 Jun 2015

    Compact and powerful, the Chillblast Fusion Wolf can handle the latest games at 4K resolutions

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  • Vibox Defcon 2 review

    Vibox Defcon 2 on a desk
    inc VAT
    27 Jun 2015

    The Vibox Defcon 2 is a good-value, if slightly noisy, gaming PC with powerful components and a generous warranty

  • Palicomp Intel i7 Elite review

    Palicomp Intel i7 Elite front angle
    inc VAT
    11 Jun 2015

    The Intel i7 Elite has plenty of gaming gusto, but its case is far bigger than it needs to be

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  • Zotac Zbox Nano Ci321 (Plus) review

    Zotac Zbox Nano CI321 Plus
    inv VAT (Plus model)
    1 Jun 2015

    Convenient yet compact, the Zbox Nano Ci321 is easy to upgrade and powerful enough for most Windows tasks

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