Top 10 worst hardware box art

2 Nov 2012

Ten of the worst - or should that be best worst - hardware box shots ever committed to cardboard


Where to start with this monstrosity? Not only is this poor woman's combat gear woefully inefficient at stopping bullets, particularly around the exposed chest area, she also seems to be keeping some kind of small animal inside it which has run over her cleavage, covering her décolletage with tiny muddy footprints. Also, her gun appears to be smoking - from the ammunition clip. No, we have no idea either.

Graphics card bonanza

Of all the things this image would make us want to buy, a graphics card isn't one of them

6. PALIT GTX 275

A word to the wise - if you want us to play it, tweak it, and get more out of your graphics card, don't put a cyborg ripoff of Starwing's Slippy Toad on the box.

Graphics card bonanza

We don't know how you make a frog look menacing, but Palit managed it. THE EYES!

5. MSI N275GTX

You have to feel sorry for the chap on MSI's 275GTX box - not only is he, shall we say, aesthetically challenged, he's also strapped into some terrifying Saw-style uniform that looks like it could kill you in about seventeen different ways. No, make that eighteen. If that wasn't bad enough, it appears that his eyes are on fire.

Graphics card bonanza

When a GPU cooler is called Twin Frozr, we doubt fire is the right image to advertise it

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