• Intel Core i7-6950X review - the 10-core Broadwell-E is real

    estimated from US price (Exc VAT)
    31 May 2016

    Monstrously expensive and outstandingly powerful, this Broadwell-E CPU is as exclusive as they come

  • Intel Core i5-6600K (Skylake) review

    inc. VAT
    5 Aug 2015

    Modest CPU and GPU gains over the previous generation, but Skylake is as future-proof as it gets right now

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  • Intel Core i7-5960X review

    inc VAT
    29 Aug 2014

    Super-expensive, but the Core i7-5960X’s multitasking performance is astounding

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  • Intel Pentium G3258 review

    inc VAT
    15 Aug 2014

    The Pentium G3258 is a good-value processor with impressive overclocking potential

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  • Intel Core i7-4790K

    Intel Core i7-4790K illustration
    inc VAT
    25 Jun 2014

    A powerful processor and the Core i7 to buy, but it requires real effort to overclock it

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  • AMD A10-7850K review

    AMD A10-7850K
    inc VAT
    29 Jan 2014

    Strong 2D performance and impressive 3D graphics make this a perfect base for a budget PC

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  • AMD A10-6790K review

    AMD A10-6790K
    inc VAT
    17 Jan 2014

    good stock performance and great overclocking potential makes this APU a bargain buy

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  • AMD A8-7600 review

    AMD Kaveri Chips Angled
    14 Jan 2014

    Has an exciting new architecture and great graphics performance, but current real-world performance is same as the A10-6800K

  • Intel Core i7-4960X review

    Intel Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-Enthusiast
    inc VAT
    10 Sep 2013

    An impressively quick processor that excels at multitasking, but its high price isn’t in line with its performance

  • AMD A10-6700 review

    AMD A10-6700
    inc VAT
    25 Jun 2013

    A great choice if you want a power-efficient high-end A-series processor and don’t want to overclock it

  • AMD A10-6800K review

    AMD A10-6800K
    inc VAT
    17 Jun 2013

    This is the ideal processor for a budget PC build

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  • Intel Core i5-4670K review

    Intel Core i5-4670K
    inc VAT
    11 Jun 2013

    A worthy successor to the Core i5-3570K that is set to be just as popular

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  • Intel Core i7-4770K review

    Intel Core i7-4770K
    inc VAT
    1 Jun 2013

    The i7-4770K is 15 per cent more powerful than its predecessor and has much improved 3D graphics

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  • Intel Core i3-3220 review

    Intel Core i3-3220
    inc VAT
    31 Dec 2012

    A good entry-level CPU for general desktop use

  • AMD FX-8350 review

    AMD FX-8350
    inc VAT
    23 Oct 2012

    Amazing for serious multitasking, but eight cores is still too many for most applications

  • AMD A10-5800K review

    Trinity die shot
    inc VAT
    2 Oct 2012

    Improved 2D performance and some proper on-chip graphics power make this a mid-range processor to be reckoned with

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  • AMD FX-8120 review

    AMD FX-8120
    inc VAT
    24 Jul 2012

    It's a niche product and Intel's processors are generally faster, but this good-value Bulldozer chip is still the king of multitasking

  • Intel Core i7-3770K review

    Ivy Bridge
    inc VAT
    23 Apr 2012

    The improved graphics are just a sideshow - Ivy Bridge's move to a 22nm process has brought impressive 2D performance improvements

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  • AMD A6-3500 review

    AMD A6-3500 front
    inc VAT
    22 Jan 2012

    Fine in 3D games, but the A6-3500 has distinctly budget 2D performance

  • Intel Core i7-3960X review

    Sandy Bridge E die
    inc VAT
    14 Nov 2011

    Hugely fast, but very few people regularly run enough applications at once to need a processor with this many cores