Crucial Ballistix BLE2CP4G3D1869DE1TX0CEU review

A high speed rating and good performance for the price - a great 8GB kit

25 Feb 2013
Crucial Ballistix BLE2CP4G3D1869DE1TX0CEU
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You’d be forgiven for thinking that top-notch RAM is all about how big its cooling fins are. Crucial’s Ballistix Elite RAM is black with the kind of ridged heat spreader that’s at least as much about looks as it is about cooling. Fortunately, although it’s not particularly expensive by the standards of high-speed RAM, the BLE2CP4G3D1869DE1TX0CEU has the specs to match its looks. Like other memory with tall heat diffusers, it’s worth bearing in mind that it could be a tight fit on some motherboards if you want to use a large CPU cooler with a wide base.

Crucial Ballistix BLE2CP4G3D1869DE1TX0CEU

This 8GB kit is rated at 1,866MHz. Its XMP profile sets the modules’ latencies to 9-9-9-27. With this profile enabled, our standard application benchmarks produced an overall score of 102, compared to a score of 101 at the standard default speed of 1,333MHz.

At £40 for two 4GB modules, this kit certainly makes the grade in terms of price, averaging £5.50 per GB - an impressively low price for RAM with such a fast speed rating. It’s a fast kit for a good price, and wins a Best Buy award.

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