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Bonusprint supplies excellent prints at a low cost, as well as providing a flexible and easy to use interface.

6 Nov 2010
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Bonusprint’s website is clearly designed, with simple tabs that make it easy to find what you’re looking for. This is the only online service that doesn’t try to draw in customers with free offers, so you pay 10p per 6x4in print and £1.99 postage from the start.

A free Windows utility called Photoservice makes it easier to upload large numbers of pictures. There’s also a Java applet if you’d rather upload photos via the website. Both allow you to browse your hard disk for suitable image files and select those you want to print, upload or view as a slideshow.

Bonusprint supports a wider range of file types than most services, including TIFF, BMP and the little-used FlashPix, as well as more conventional JPEGs. Not all our TIFFs were visible in the web-based image browsers, though. However, they were all available when we used the Photoservice utility, so we recommend this approach. You can also share your photos using Bonusprint's free 1GB web album, which is great if you want to let friends and relatives choose and order their own favourite prints.

Bonuspint's order form defaults to the smallest digital camera-sized 5.3x4in picture format, so you’ll probably want to select a different size. Print costs are low at 10p per 6x4in photo, and a wide range of picture sizes are available, including A2 poster-sized prints for just £8.50 each. Compact prints proportioned for the usual 4:3 ratio of digital cameras cost the same as the closest standard-size photo.

Bonusprint original

Last time we reviewed Bonusprint's photos, we were unimpressed by drab colour reproduction and muted tones. This time, the results of our blind test were rather different. Colours were muted but natural-looking and the photos were pleasingly sharp and focussed. We particularly liked the reproduction of skin tones and the colours in our photos of outdoor landscapes. Our challenging night-time shot was a tad dark, but clear and with lovely contrast on pale and illuminated areas. We were particularly impressed with our black and white prints, which were sharp and finely contrasted.

Bonusprint faded

After four months facing the sun in our office window, our test print was barely affected, with just a very slight lightening of the photo's darkest tones. This is one of the best results we've seen in a fade test, making the photos well suited to just pinning to a wall or putting up on the fridge if you wish to do so. Bonusprint supplies great looking prints at a low price. It's our Best Buy.

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