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10 Aug 2011
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Technical support was highlighted as a problem, but take a chance and you could save a lot of money

This review was updated in July 2011 to reflect the findings of our latest survey

The Carphone Warehouse's ISP, TalkTalk, hasn't performed particularly well in past customer satisfaction surveys, but it's gained a little ground this year. It's still only achieved a satisfaction rating of 69 per cent, but it's an improvement on last year's 65, and we can only hope that it'll continue on the same path.

In the past, TalkTalk's big draw has been offers of free broadband for anyone who switches to its landline service. The current offers aren't quite that appealing but they're still pretty cheap. At the time of writing, TalkTalk is running a half price connection offer for new subscribers, although we've been informed that this only has a few more days to go before returning to the standard £30 connection fee.

The Essentials bundle is a bargain at just £6.50 for up to 24Mbit/s downloads and a 40GB monthly cap. You'll get warnings by email if you go over, and only on the third occasion will TalkTalk reduce your bandwidth at busy times, which seems perfectly fair. The more expensive Plus package is limited only by a fair-use policy and also includes unlimited calls to UK landlines, costs just £15 a month. Both come with a £30 connection fee and 12-month contract.

If you're prepared to risk TalkTalk's somewhat shaky satisfaction score, you could net yourself a bargain, particularly if there's an offer on when you sign up. Offer pricing typically applies for 12 months of an 18 months contract. TalkTalk scored well on both reliability and ease of setup, so it's not all bad. However, bargain hunters should note that PlusNet Broadband offers similar prices with a slightly more solid reputation.

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