Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services review

19 Nov 2012
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Great protection, a brilliant web interface and masses of features come at a high price

In addition to being remarkably easy to use, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services performed very well in our tests, completely blocking 99 of 100 threats. It was only compromised in one instance. In our false positive tests, in which we install benign programs, it was a little over-sensitive when it came to warning us about potential threats. More irritatingly, it also blocked 10 harmless programs and it doesn't have the easiest process for recovering programs from quarantine. However, its overall performance and massive range of features impressed us, and in a business environment, a certain degree of paranoia on the part of your security software can save you from a lot of grief later.

Unfortunately, this comprehensive protection costs rather a lot. A five-user licence comes to £187 ex VAT, which is massively expensive compared to almost every other business security suite around. Kaspersky Small Office Security is a bit less comprehensive, with only one server licence in a comparable package and no content filtering, but it's far cheaper at just £87 ex VAT, making it our recommendation for most users.


Protection score

Protection Score
This graph is a straight percentage of the threats that were either blocked immediately, or neutralised on a further system scan. Each product lost marks if it was allowed to be compromised. With 100 threats per bit of software, each percentage point counts as one bit of malware.

False Positive Score - Blocked

False positive score: blocked
This graph is a straight percentage showing how many bits of legitimate software were blocked. We didn't include any scores for warnings here. With 100 bits of software, each percentage point counts as a single legitimate application. On this graph lower scores are better.

Protection Rating weighted

Protection Rating (weighted)
Our protection ratings, scored out of 300, award products extra points for completely blocking a threat, while removing points when they are compromised by a threat. We awarded three points for defending against a threat, one for neutralizing it and deducted five points every time a product allowed the system to be compromised. The best possible score is 300 and the worst is -500. The reason behind this score weighting is to give credit to products that deny malware any opportunity to tamper with the system and to penalize heavily those that fail to prevent an infection.

Total Accuracy Rating Weighted

Total Accuracy Rating (weighted)
Our total accuracy rating combines the scores from the Protection Rating and adds scores for weighted False Positive ratings. Each product scores one point for each legitimate program it lets through. We deducted points if a program was warned about and more points if it was blocked. All deductions were based on a program's prevalence, so the more popular the application, the more points that were deducted. For example, blocking Skype is worse than blocking the Vuze BitTorrent client. In this graph, there is a maximum possible score of 400 and a minimum of -1,000.


Price £187
Rating ****

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