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Simply the best EPG of any Freeview HD PVR, a responsive box and neatly integrated on-demand TV



ITV Player is a little disappointing. After launching a programme to watch, the only thing you can do is view information on the show. That's it. There's no option to find similar programmes or choose other applications. It's a real disappointment that more effort hasn't been put in here.

YouView ITV programme playing

You can only view the current programme's information when using ITV Player.

Through the ITV Player app, there's a bit more control, there's the option to resume watching recent programmes, plus you can browse by channel, day and A-to-Z. The interface looks very basic, though, and it's a real shame that there's no proper search integrated.

All programmes have adverts in them, which you can't skip. This is the same as the ITV Player service online, so we can't really complain; but if you're coming from using a traditional PVR, actually having to watch some adverts again is a bit of a shock.

YouView ITV Player app

The ITV Player app is very basic and we wish that more had been done


4oD has adverts that you can't skip, as does the service when accessed through a web browser. We quite like what Channel 4 has done with its service and it's clearly made an effort to make the experience a good one.

Hitting the Info button on the remote control brings up programme information for the current show and lets you choose More Episodes, so you can find out what else is on.

YouView 4oD programme playing

When viewing a 4oD programme you can see what other episodes are available.

Likewise, the 4oD app is similarly well-designed. You can browse content by Most Popular, Categories and Collections, and resume programmes that you've started to watch. There's no proper search, but an A-to-Z of programmes instead.

YouView 4oD app

4oD's app is pretty good, letting you browse through available programmes, but there's no search.


Five Player is an impressive bit of work. When you're watching a programme, you can view More Like This and get More Episodes. It's a quick and easy way to navigate through what you're watching.

YouView Demand Five programme playing

Demand Five lets you access similar programmes (More Like This) and More Episodes

Accessing the Five Player app shows that the quality has continued. You can resume programmes you've started to watch and access your Favourites. Five also lets you browse Featured programmes or through a full list of shows, and it has a proper search bar. It's great to see the company take YouView seriously and deliver a full set of features.

YouView Demand Five app

Demand Five's app is really easy to use and has a full search facility

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