IP cameras

  • HomeMonitor HD review

    inc VAT
    24 Apr 2015

    The HomeMonitor HD is incredibly easy to set up, and its free cloud storage makes it fantastic value

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  • D-Link DCS-5222L review

    inc VAT
    23 Apr 2015

    The DCS-5222L has great pan-tilt-zoom controls, is reasonably priced and easy to use and has great image quality

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  • Archos Smart Home review

    inc VAT
    23 Aug 2014

    One of the first Android-powered Smart Home systems, Archos Smart Home is cheap but has a number of issues

  • Devolo dLAN LiveCam review

    Devolo dLAN LiveCam
    inc VAT
    20 Feb 2013

    A very basic IP camera and its app’s slow and unresponsive, but it’s easy to set up

  • Eyespy UCam247i review

    Eyespy UCam247i
    inc VAT
    2 Jan 2013

    This capable IP camera has great image quality and plenty of features, but we've seen similar devices that cost less

  • Synology DiskStation 713+ review

    Synology DiskStation 713+
    inc VAT
    1 Jan 2013

    The DS713+ is powerful and ideal if you require fast transfers or extra processor power for modules

  • Edimax IC-7110W review

    Edimax IC-7110W
    inc VAT
    11 Nov 2012

    It’s packed with useful features but an impenetrable interface makes this capable IP camera more difficult to use than it should be

  • Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam review

    Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam
    inc VAT
    8 Sep 2012

    Its image quality isn’t perfect, but this business-grade webcam is an easy way to add video to your conference calls

  • Smartwitness Smart-I review

    inc VAT
    3 Dec 2011

    An expensive niche product that nonetheless works well

  • Y-Cam The Grasshopper review

    -Cam The Grasshopper
    inc VAT
    7 Nov 2011

    The Grasshopper bundle provides a seamless surveillance experience, but we'd have liked more dedicated setup information

  • Jabbakam Starter Kit review

    inc VAT
    29 Sep 2011

    The ideal IP camera for technophobes, but you have to pay a monthly charge for the privilege

  • EyeSpy247 HDSD review

    EyeSpy247 HDSD
    inc VAT
    10 Sep 2011

    Works brilliantly once you get it set up and video quality is excellent, but the HDSD costs a fortune

  • D-Link DCS-932L review

    D-Link DCS-932L
    inc VAT
    10 Jul 2011

    When it works, mydlink is a great way to view your IP camera over the internet, but it's too temperamental for our liking

  • Xvision The Cube X100C review

    Xvision The Cube X100C
    inc VAT
    30 Mar 2011

    With Wi-Fi, LED lights and low-light mode, this is an incredibly flexible camera that capture's detailed footage.

  • Y-Cam Bullet Black review

    Y-Cam Bullet Black
    inc VAT
    2 Mar 2011

    A well-built IP camera with all the features we'd expect, plus a clear and comprehensive manual, but it's too expensive for the average home user.

  • Chilli Technology Action Cam 2 review

    Chilli Technology Action Cam 2
    inc VAT
    4 Dec 2010

    You can use it everywhere, but the it's expensive and the quality isn't that impressive.

  • EyeSpy247 EyeSpy247PTZ review

    EyeSpy247 EyeSpy247PTZ
    inc VAT
    19 Jun 2010

    Although the EyeSpy247PTZ camera is unremarkable, the web-based security monitoring service it comes with is outstanding.

  • Compro IP70 review

    Compro IP70 IP camera
    inc VAT
    25 Apr 2010

    Great picture quality, night vision and excellent browser and software interfaces make this IP camera a firm Best Buy.

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  • Synology VS60 review

    Synology VS60
    inc VAT
    12 Mar 2010

    Thr VS60 will appeal only to those who specifically need it. Even then, it's not great value for money at this price.

  • Solwise SEC-C1002-IR review

    inc VAT
    2 Jan 2010

    This budget camera is primarily designed to capture stills, but its excellent night vision and build quality make it a good choice.

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