Sony confirms PS Vita battery life

It's not good news for the portable gaming beast, we're afraid

16 Sep 2011
Sony PS Vita

Sony has let slip a few more details regarding its upcoming PlayStation Portable successor the PlayStation Vita, and it's not good news for anyone who would like to use the device away from the home: it's going to have a mere five hour battery life.

There's no denying that the Vita packs some impressive technology, including both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity in the top-end model along with GPS for location-based gaming. All that hardware comes at a serious cost to power draw, however, and Sony's official figures make for uncomfortable reading.

The standard Wi-Fi only edition of the Vita, the company has confirmed, will manage to play games at the default - low - screen brightness with all wireless connectivity switch off for between three and five hours, while video playback at the same settings hits around five.

Worse still, the Vita will take almost three hours to recharge from flat each time - and if users are taking advantage of the wireless connectivity to play multiplayer games, or Bluetooth radio for a headset, they could find themselves spending more time charging the console than they do actually playing on it.

Sony has also come under fire for its pricing structure for official PS Vita memory cards. The Vita-specific memory modules - used to store save games, downloaded videos and games, and other content - are set to cost between two and three times as much as a standard SD card of the same capacity.

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