Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 review

Microsoft's Wireless Desktop 3000 kit is a great value option, although the mouse is not the best we've used.

1 Feb 2010
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000
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The Wireless Desktop 3000 has a fairly plain design, but the silver rim around the keyboard helps spruce things up. The keys have a decent spring to them, making them responsive and comfortable to type on.

Our one minor complaint was that the wrist wrest is a little intrusive and occasionally got in the way of our thumbs. Shortcut keys are split into five groups along the top and down the left side of the keyboard, and give quick access to media controls and zooming for digital photos.

The large mouse might not be comfortable for people with small hands, while its stiff buttons make using it a little uncomfortable. It has an incredibly smooth scrollwheel, which makes navigating through documents incredibly quick, but it doesn't allow for fine, accurate control, so isn't particularly suited for gaming. The mouse has both an LED and a laser (Microsoft's BlueTrack technology), which lets the mouse work on pretty much any surface.

The mouse isn't the best we've used, but the keyboard's very good and comfortable to type on. Consider the low price, the Wireless Desktop 3000 is a great-value kit.

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