Labtec Media Wireless Desktop 800 review

The keyboard’s compact nature causes some unnecessary problems, as does the bulky wireless receiver, but this is otherwise a good value desktop set.

18 Dec 2010
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Labtec’s wireless keyboard is one of the more compact models we've seen, designed to fit on to a cramped desk. While you save a bit of horizontal space, this is at the detriment of usability with the arrow keys reduced in size, making them a little awkward to use.

Labtec Media Wireless Desktop 800 keyboard

Unusually, a column of keys also sits down the right edge of the main set of keys, and in testing this meant we frequently pressed Delete instead of Enter. The keys are on the stiff side, offering a bit too much resistance, but it’s otherwise good to type on.

The mouse doesn’t have any extra buttons, but it’s well-weighted and has a bulky-yet comfortable design. The scroll wheel is also impressively smooth, although the left and right buttons could do with a bit less resistance to increase responsiveness.

Labtec Media Wireless Desktop 800 mouse

It’s worth pointing out that the USB wireless receiver is very bulky, so much so that it could well block off a neighbouring USB port - you may want to buy an extension cable if this is a problem.

Despite the problems with the compact keyboard, this set is excellent value and comfortable to use. It wins a Budget Buy.

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