Sandberg Mini Touchpad keyboard review

Too small, with stiff keys, this is a mini keyboard to avoid.

1 Jan 2011
Sandberg Mini Touchpad keyboard
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The Sandberg Mini touchpad is a compact wireless keyboard designed for home theatre PCs and armchair computing. Very handy for those who like to relax while they surf the web.

However, its tiny dimensions made the keyboard frustratingly difficult to use. All the keys were stiff and tightly grouped, and the punctuation keys were especially small. The caps lock indicator was too dim to tell if it was on or off, even in a dark room. Irritatingly, the USB adaptor’s LED flashes with every input, which can be distracting.

Sandberg Mini Touchpad keyboard

Although the keyboard was poor, the small trackpad on the side was very effective, registering cursor movement well and recognising two- or three-finger presses as right and middle clicks. Several decent-sized media shortcut keys were also useful.

Although it works well as a mouse, the keyboard is poorly laid out and difficult to use. It's compatible with games consoles as well as PCs, but for £60 there are far better compact keyboards available.

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