Logitech G400 review

Accurate and great value - the perfect mouse, as long as you're right-handed

2 Oct 2011
Logitech G400
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The G400 is a spiritual successor to Logitech's legendary MX-500; one of the first mice aimed at gamers, it was sculpted to fit your hand and had buttons that let you change the mouse's sensitivity, which was practically unheard of at the time.

For this new incarnation, Logitech hasn’t strayed far from a winning formula. The overall shape stays the same, with an indented thumb rest that’s ideal for right-handed users, but less so for lefties. As well as a vertical scroll wheel there are eight buttons, with two above the thumb rest, two to change sensitivity on the fly and an extra behind the scroll wheel.

Logitech G400

The gunmetal grey finish is the only noticeable external change, but the optical sensor inside has seen a massive overhaul; it now has a maximum resolution of 3600dpi, up from the MX-500's 800dpi, so should be responsive enough for even the twitchiest of gamers.

The G400 might lack fancy extras such as the glowing LEDs and removable weights often seen on gaming mice, but it's still the best gaming mouse we've seen for £30. Unless you need an ambidextrous model, there’s little reason to look beyond the G400.

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