Microsoft Sidewinder X5 review

A responsive and comfortable entry-level gaming mouse, but better-featured models are available for just a little more.

2 Feb 2010
Microsoft Sidewinder X5
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Microsoft's Sidewinder X5 is the next model up from the company's Sidewinder X3, which we looked at a few weeks ago. This model has an ergonomic design for right-handed people, making it much more comfortable to hold. The red LEDs at the back give this mouse a touch of visual class.

Three sensitivity buttons can be programmed by the IntelliPoint software for DPI settings between 200dpi and 2,000dpi. This lets you set different modes for different games or modes, such as a low DPI for high precision sniping, and high DPI for running around. The mouse is very sensitive and let us move smoothly in all of our test games.

As well as the two sensitive mouse buttons, there are two additional circular buttons on the side of the mouse. These are really easy to reach with a thumb, so you can assign them manually inside your favourite titles to improve your game. They can be used for back and forwards in your web browser.

The Sidewinder X5 is a comfortable and cheap gaming mouse with a decent range of features, but you don't have to spend a lot more to get an even better mouse.

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