Saitek Cyborg review

Its motorised body and array of buttons certainly make this mouse stand out, but there are more practical and more comfortable mice.

12 Feb 2010
Saitek Cyborg
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It's easy to accuse Saitek's Cyborg of being over-engineered, but we like its range of features. In particular, the mouse can be set to perfectly match your hand size, with a noisy motor moving the rear section to fit. Then there's the fact that you can adjust the tension in the scroll-wheel, allowing you to find your perfect compromise between ease of turns and accuracy.

The Cyborg looks incredibly complicated with 10 buttons covering its surface. The left- and right-buttons are a little stiff, but easy enough to get used to. The remaining buttons can be programmed in software or assigned inside your favourite game.

Four of the buttons are a rather fiddly D-pad, which isn't much use in a fast first-person shooter, but can be helpful in strategy games. The other buttons are a little oddly placed and can be difficult to reach accurately.

The mouse uses a 3,200dpi laser, which makes for precise movement and accurate control. It's a little disappointing that the mouse's DPI setting can't be adjusted on the fly, so you can't choose the right setting for the part of the game you're in.

You get a lot for your money with the Cyborg, but it's odd design isn't for everyone and more comfortable mice are available.

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