TTeSPORTS Azurues Optical Gaming Mouse review

Apart from the stiff braided cable, this is a great no-nonsense gaming mouse.

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Mice such as the Cyborg R.A.T. 7 have all the adjustment you could want, and other gaming mice are festooned with shortcut buttons to do everything from change weapon to cast a healing spell.


The Azurues has none of these features, but in many ways this is a good thing. Some people dislike side-mounted buttons which you can hit accidentally, and the Azurues manages to be comfortable to use without needing adjustment. The mouse has a smooth action with buttons that are easy to press but stiff enough to avoid accidental clicks. A slide switch changes from 400 to 800 to 1,600dpi, but as it's mounted on the bottom of the mouse it’s tricky to change mid-game.

Our main problem with the mouse is the stiff braided cable, which can impede mouse movement. The Azurues is still a great-value gaming mouse, though.

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