Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse review

An unreliable mouse that’s both too small and uncomfortable for prolonged use

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse
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The Microsoft Sculpt Touch is a wireless mouse that connects to your Windows 8 PC or Mac via Bluetooth. It doesn’t come with a dongle, so you need to make sure your desktop can receive the Bluetooth signal, but it should work on any surface except clear glass and mirrored surfaces thanks to its built-in BlueTrack optical technology.

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

Unfortunately, our experience with the Sculpt Touch was far from seamless. Its BlueTrack technology was undoubtedly the highlight, but there’s no getting past its slightly cramped design. Even small hands will dwarf this mouse, and we found it’d simply stop working and disconnect from our PC. It doesn’t have a traditional mouse wheel either, but opts for a touch scroll pad, much like its Explorer Touch Mouse cousin. Its central button can still be used to scroll up and down the page via haptic feedback, and the top and bottom of the pad can be clicked to jump up and down the page, but we found the latter’s responsiveness to be rather hit and miss, not least because its design also made it very uncomfortable to use.

The Sculpt Touch is a basic mouse that may be fine for smaller hands, but its unreliable Bluetooth connectivity isn’t recommended.

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