PC speakers

  • Thonet & Vander Ratsel BT - PC speakers with German flair

    Thonet Vander Ratsel BT lead
    inc VAT
    12 Mar 2016

    The Ratsel BT are PC speakers with plenty of connections for other uses

  • Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 review

    Bayan Audio Soundbook X3
    inc VAT
    14 May 2014

    Neat speaker with all the right features, but sound quality isn’t as good as some rivals’

  • Jabra Solemate Max review

    Jabra Solemate Max
    inc VAT
    2 May 2014

    This rugged speaker has decent sound quality and pumps out plenty of volume

  • LG Music Flow speakers taking the multi-room fight to Sonos

    LG Music Flow speakers
    8 Apr 2014

    LG's Music Flow multi-room speaker system looks set to rival Sonos for features and connectivity

  • Harman Kardon Nova review

    Harman Kardon Nova
    inc VAT
    6 Apr 2014

    They’re expensive, but these are the best compact PC speakers we’ve heard

  • Simple Audio Go review

    Simple Audio Go
    inc VAT
    27 Dec 2013

    If you need plenty of volume in a tiny package, this speaker's for you, but its raw sound quality is mediocre

  • Ultimate Ears Boom review

    Ultimate Ears Boom
    inc VAT
    25 Dec 2013

    A robust portable speaker that might not sound fantastic, but won't fizzle out in the rain

  • Divoom Bluetune-Solo review

    Divoom Bluetune-Solo
    inc VAT
    22 Dec 2013

    This speaker doesn't cost much, but you can get better sound quality for the same price elsewhere

  • Jawbone Mini Jambox review

    Jawbone Mini Jambox
    inc VAT
    16 Dec 2013

    Incredibly stylish, but not the best sound quality you can get for the money

  • Pure Jongo T2 review

    Pure Jongo T2
    inc VAT
    9 Nov 2013

    Ideal for anyone already invested in Pure’s multi-room speaker system but has no need for portability

  • Pure Jongo S3 review

    Pure Jongo S3
    inc VAT
    29 Aug 2013

    A relatively inexpensive introduction to multi-room streaming that you can unplug and take on the move

  • Cambridge Audio Minx 200 review

    Cambridge Audio Minx 200
    inc VAT
    18 Jul 2013

    Good sound and wireless connectivity, but it's let down by a poor and complicated app

  • Logitech UE Boombox review

    Logitech UE Boombox
    inc VAT
    11 Apr 2013

    The Boombox sounds okay for a portable speaker, but costs more than it should

  • Pioneer SMA3 review

    Pioneer SMA3
    inc VAT
    18 Feb 2013

    Great for bass-heavy music and has fantastic connectivity and great built-in battery, but high-frequency sound quality could be better

  • Boombotix BoomBot2 review

    Boombotix BoomBot2
    inc VAT
    8 Jan 2013

    This little speaker looks daft, but it's rugged, water resistant and sounds great

  • Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 8 review

    Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 8
    inc VAT
    18 Oct 2012

    It has a decent range of audio processing features, but this USB sound card and speaker combo is rather expensive

  • Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 review

    Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20
    inc VAT
    9 Sep 2012

    This attempt to fuse hardware audio processing with a tablet-friendly Bluetooth speaker is ambitious but ultimately falls flat

  • TDK TAC7221BK Portable Speaker System review

    TDK TAC7221BK Portable Speaker System
    inc VAT
    10 Aug 2012

    This compact dock is light and portable, but we’ve reviewed better-sounding rivals

  • AMD FX-8120 review

    AMD FX-8120
    inc VAT
    24 Jul 2012

    It's a niche product and Intel's processors are generally faster, but this good-value Bulldozer chip is still the king of multitasking

  • Krator Neso 4 review

    Krator Neso 4
    inc VAT
    17 May 2012

    These little budget speakers sound good at moderate volumes, but they're not loud enough to fill your living room