Sound Science QSB review

Massively loud and clear, but the treble-heavy sound can be tiring to listen to

Sound Science QSB
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Built-in laptop speakers sound, with very few exceptions, rubbish. You could carry a pair of powered PC speakers, but then you'll need to find a plug socket. The QSB speakers aim to solve this dilemma. They're a pair of smart portable speakers that aim to deliver 15W per channel with only your laptop's USB port as a power source. According to the manufacturer, they manage to do this from a 2.5W USB port by temporarily boosting power when needed.

Sound Science QSB

The speakers are incredibly loud - far louder than any USB-powered speakers we've seen and with even more kick than smaller powered speakers. There's little bass rumble but some bass punch, and sound is very clear. However, we felt the speakers sounded overly harsh - there's such a lot of treble that we felt certain parts of the sound were being boosted artificially to make them appear louder. This made the speakers tiring to listen to, and £90 is a lot of money for a pair of portable speakers.

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