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Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio review

  • Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio
  • Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio


A comfortable keyboard, but inflexible iPad positioning and a high price count against it

Review Date: 7 Nov 2012

Price when reviewed: £120


Reviewed By: David Ludlow

Our Rating 3 stars out of 5

User Rating 3 stars out of 5

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As good as Apple's on-screen keyboard is, writing longer documents and emails on an iPad really requires a proper keyboard. Logitech thinks it has the perfect model with the Solar Keyboard Folio, which combines a solar-powered Bluetooth keyboard with a case.

The iPad (2, 3 or 4) slips clicks into the holding frame and folds flat against the Chiclet-style keys when not in use. It feels fairly rugged, although we advise against putting too much pressure on the back to keep the keys off the screen's surface.

Connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth is really simple: just hit the pair button on the keyboard and it appears with the correct name under Bluetooth in the Settings menu on the iPad. For such a small keyboard, it's refreshingly comfortable to type on, with responsive keys that let us write at full speed.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

The keys are mostly a decent size and we found typing comfortable

The only concession for size is that some of the punctuation keys are quite small, but it doesn't take long to get used to them. Shortcut keys let you select, copy and paste, control volume and use the Home button. There's also a shortcut key for the web browser, although this doesn't work.

They screen can be placed in two positions: one for typing and one for watching films, where the iPad lays across most of the keyboard. The typing position is a little high, but this is largely countered by the iPad's excellent viewing angles.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

The iPad sits a little high for our liking when typing

We like the way that Smart Cover technology means that the keyboard is only turned on when the screen is in either of its two positions, so you're not wasting battery power when you're using the iPad like tablet. It makes it easy to fold the keyboard round and use the tablet in 'normal' mode without fear of pushed keyboard buttons typing on screen.

A solar panel keeps the integral battery charged and it'll charge using standard indoor lighting. However, it's a little strange that the solar panels are on the bottom of the keyboard, so no light can reach it when you're typing. You'll need to remember to leave it solar-side up when not in use, so the keyboard stays charged.

Given how comfortable it is and the quality of the case, it would seem to be the iPad keyboard to buy, but £120 is a lot of money and it's a shame that there's not much flexibility in iPad positioning.

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