PS4 in short supply until the summer, warns Sony

21 Mar 2014
Sony PS4

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference, Sony has warned fans that demand for the PS4 and PlayStation Camera will outstrip supply until later this year

Sony has warned that supplies of the PS4 console and matching PlayStation Camera will be in short supply until at least the summer, as demand continues to outstrip manufacturing capabilities.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal from the Game Developers Conference late last night, Sony's Andrew House warned that high demand for the company's next-generation console, in particular within the US and Europe, means that stores are being stripped of their PS4 stock almost as soon as it is delivered. "Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we'll be closer to a full supply situation," House told the paper.

According to figures released by Sony during its GDC presentation, the PS4 has sold more than six million units world-wide since its launch in November of last year - believed to be considerably more than rival Microsoft's Xbox One, which had sold around three million by the start of January but for which full figures through to March are not yet available.

At the same event, Sony's Chris Norden warned that supply of the PlayStation Camera accessory, an optional extra, unlike the bundled Kinect camera of the Xbox One, is "severely constrained," with around 15 per cent of PS4 owners having opted to buy the unit. Unlike House's promise of more readily available PS4s by Summer, Norden did not offer a time scale for additional production of the PlayStation Camera.

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